Top 8 Best Grout Cleaner Machine in 2023

No doubt, tile floors are attractive and resilient. But it gets looking dirtier and older, therefore, losing its shine because of the grout that gets discolored and stained with the passage of time.

So, it is the necessity of time to clean your grout in order to remove the stains or germs. Besides all these, the best grout cleaner Machine makes it convenient for a person to deep clean the home with less effort and within a restricted time period.

Nowadays, several grout cleaners of different companies are introduced in the market with a vast variety of features and other accessories which tend to enhance your home cleaning proficiently.

It provides a fresh and trendy look to your home. But do the grout cleaners actually clean the grout effectively?

Let’s have a look at some key features of grout cleaner which you should keep in mind while selecting a grout cleaner for your home cleaning.

Grout Cleaner Machine
Weight: 8.42 pounds
Dimensions: 15.4 x 9.5 x 12 inches
Length of power cord: 15 feet
Length of hose: 6.5 feet
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Grout Cleaner Machine
Weight: 3.85 pounds
Dimensions: 5 x 9.5 x 8.5 inches
Battery: not required
Heating time: 30 minutes
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Grout Cleaner Machine
Weight: 21 pounds
Dimensions: 18.5 x 29 x 12 inches
Fragrance: a floral scent
The capability of water tank: 1.5 gallon
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Grout Cleaner Machine
Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine
Weight: 13.8 pounds
Dimensions: 14.4 x 12.8 x 32.8 inches
Voltage:100-120 volts
Water tank design: Dual technology
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Best Grout Cleaner Machine Reviews

Here, we are discussing a few of the best grout cleaner machines with their unique features and specific accessories, making it easier for you to select your grout cleaner.

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Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner


  • Weight: 8.42 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 9.5 x 12 inches
  • Length of power cord: 15 feet
  • Length of hose: 6.5 feet
  • Size of water tank: 48 ounces
  • Heating time: 8 minutes
  • Steam capacity: 45 minutes

Steam fast SF-370 canister cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner that deeply cleans the floor more effectively and proficiently. The range of water tanks is very large and it is easy to refill.

It means that within a single fill, you can clean the whole room if it is normal in size. Steam is at the control of your hand. You can stop or continue steaming for the time you want just with a click of a button.

With a lot of accessories, this steam fast cleaner helps to remove the tough stains and spots from the floor all around the home. Along with steamer, this cleaner sanitizes your room with a mesmerizing scent.

This sanitization is necessary to kill all the germs and bacteria from the floor. Superior performance and design make it more convenient for a customer to clean more and work less.

The steam fast canister cleaner provides a chemical-free cleaning that protects your floor from harmful chemicals causing harsh effects to the floor. As it is lightweight and compact, therefore, easy to use and carry.

Two microfiber pads are also available for the safe cleaning of sealed floors. Various attachments are also provided with the packaging to enhance your cleaning in different hard-to-reach areas.

What We Like

  • Large water tank capacity
  • Easy to use and compact
  • Remove dirt and debris from the floor

What We Don’t

  • Need maximum pressure to close the water tank

Bissell Steam Shot 39N7V, Hard Surface Steam Cleaner


  • Weight: 3.85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5 x 9.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Battery: not required
  • Heating time: 30 minutes
  • Scrubbing brush: 3 color-code brush
  • Size of water tank: 6.6 oz
  • Cleaning solution: 100% chemical-free

Bissell Steam Shot 39N7V is the grout cleaner that tends to clean and sanitize your floor with the natural power of steam rather than using harmful chemicals which may cause harsh results on your floor.

It has three different kinds of scrubbing brushes are provided to clean the specific rooms with classified size and other specifications.

A separate grout tool is also attached with the machine to remove the embedded dirt and debris from a vast variety of hard floors.

A flat scraper tool is used to scrape the hard stains and spots from the areas including microwave ovens and stovetops etc. These two tools play a major role in cleaning the micro areas of the home.

Powerful and high-pressure steam kills approximately 99.9% of the germs and bacteria from different kinds of floor and grout. As steam is natural, not synthetic, it does not cause any harm to our environment.

Even the cleaning solution being used in this machine is chemical-free, hence, protect the environment from pollution.

You can use this cleaner machine on any kind of floor e.g. laminate floor, vinyl floor, granite, marble, and ceramic floor. It also cleans the windows and furniture effectively.

This steam fast cleaner deeply moves into the crevices and cracks without any use of harsh chemicals. It is quick and easy to use.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Multi-color scrubbing brush
  • No chemical is used
  • No need of refilling continuously
  • A specialized grout tool

What We Don’t

  • Sometimes smell creates when steam comes out

Rug Doctor FlexClean All-in-One Floor Cleaner


  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 29 x 12 inches
  • Fragrance: a floral scent
  • The capability of water tank: 1.5 gallons
  • Spray: 3 optimized spray

Rug Doctor Flex Clean All-in-One Floor cleaner is highly recommended for both kinds of floor and you can easily switch from carpeted floor to hard floor with a move of the switch.

As it is a lightweight vacuum machine, you can easily handle and maneuver it bare-handed. It provides high-quality deep cleaning by using durable scrubbing brushes and prevailing suction which reaches the inner or hidden areas of the home.

This Rug Doctor cleaner has the advanced technology to grab the everyday accidents and clean the place instantly, therefore, giving the home a fresh look.

You do not need any additional cleaning product for the messes created every day at home if you have this machine. It also sucks the dirt and debris from the fiber in the home e.g. carpet or other things.

Additionally, this cleaner has the dual property to clean the floor by back and forth movement as it happened in the vacuum cleaners.

A unique feature of this cleaner is to remove the water tank with a single use of the button. This strength of the water tank is not available in all machines.

The cleaning solution of the Rug Doctor cleaner is so effective that it cleans your hard floor as well as carpeted floor without leaving any negative impact on them. It is very easy to assemble the cleaner and the packaging is so compact that no piece gets damaged.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Removes dirt, debris and stains easily
  • Works like a simple vacuum
  • Only one solution to clean every kind of floor

What We Don’t

  • A motor gets overheated sometimes

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine


  • Weight: 13.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 12.8 x 32.8 inches
  • Voltage:100-120 volts
  • Water tank design: Dual technology
  • Technology: Spin scrub technology
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Power source: Electrically corded

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine is used to clean all kinds of floors including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile floors.

Dual property of wash and dry at the same time tends to clean the floor with the fourth movement and dry the extra water left behind with backward movement of cleaner machine.

As it is a light weighted machine, therefore, it is easy to lift up or move around the machine in the house smoothly.

The water tank of Hoover FloorMate is designed with two different sections in the tank where one section collects the dirty water and clean water is present in the other section. In this way, there is no possible mixing of these two kinds of water.

Spin scrub technology is present in the machine to spin and scrub the floor from all angles. As a result, it loosens the spots or stains embedded in the floor without any need for hand scrubbing. It is simple and easy to clean the machine after work by using cleaning brushes or nozzles.

An extra detergent is filled in the machine too. You can use it by a fingertip control where the stains are so hard that cannot be removed by a simple cleaning solution.

As it is an electrically corded cleaner machine, there is no need for a battery to charge the machine. The mess embedded in the grout giving the bad look of the whole floor can easily be removed by using scrubs and cleaning solutions.

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What We Like

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Removes the stains deeply
  • An extra detergent for tough stains
  • Dual water tank technology

What We Don’t

  • The motor is not as effective as other machines

McCulloch MC1385 Canister Steam Cleaner

McCulloch’s MC1385 is a machine that works tirelessly to make your cleanups easy, efficient, and even enjoyable.

For starters, the on-demand steam system lets you switch between tile mode and grout mode to work on the toughest messes.

Not the type of cleaner who likes to do things halfway? Then choose this powerhouse. McCulloch MC1385 Steam Cleaner naturally cleans certain stuff.

Do hot, pressured steam to eliminate grease, grime, and stains from a wide range of surfaces including ceramic tile and grout, granite, sealed wood flooring, laminate, and more.

It has 23 cleverly-designed functions, providing you with the versatility to complete a range of jobs in and around your home, including a floor mop, mop pads, nylon brushes, brass brush, angled nozzle, scrub pad, scraper, squeegee, and more.

The ergonomically-designed handle makes it comfortable to work with too. McCulloch MC1385 has a water tank that holds up to 64 ounces of water which heats up in less than 12 minutes.

With this steamer, you can clean off your carpet and furniture with ease by controlling the amount of steam blasting out of the nozzle.

There is also an optional steam lock for continuous steam, allowing you to keep the pressure consistent for optimal cleaning results. The pressure is 4 bar (58 PSI).


  • 64-ounce water tank
  • 4 bar (58 PSI) pressure.
  • 18-foot power cord
  • 10-foot steam hose
  • 23 versatile accessory
  • Heats up in under 12 minutes

What We Like

  • Extra-long power cord 
  • Good storage bag
  • Large tank capacity
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t

  • Rapidly heated
  • Expensive

Dupray Multipurpose Neat Steam Cleaner

Dupray Multipurpose, what can be said about it, it’s just suitable for any task you throw at it. You can clean tile, laminated floors, and wooden floors.

You can also take care of carpets with it as well. So no matter the surface you’re working on, this thing is just full of steam power and suckers up all the dirt and grime in an instant!

New Dupray Multipurpose Steam Cleaner uses versatile and advanced technology for easy cleaning of surfaces in your home.

Our NEAT clean steam cleaner can take away everything nasty from your home, making it sparkle in one quick go. It’s now more effective and user-friendly than ever!

After the Dupray machine is used to remove unpleasant marks and smells that are lurking around, you can enjoy having a nice shower because after getting rid of major dirt and germs present in your house, you’ll feel much fresher.

It’s up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can do a wide range of jobs – from removing tough carpet stains to steaming out the dust in your air vents!

The best advantage is that it comes at a very affordable price making it reasonable for any household to buy.


  • Capacity tank at 54 oz. 
  • Heat up in 7 min.
  •  Up to 50 min. of cleaning time
  • 9 pounds Built-in funnel

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent power cord
  • High tank capacity

What We Don’t

  • Average pad
  • Poor power suction

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

McCulloch is one of the most popular names when it comes to steam cleaners. They have been around for a long time and they are very helpful when it comes to cleaning upholstery, tile grout, decorative elements, or carpets.

However, this company isn’t well-known for its steam cleaners that also take care of tiles and grout. The MC1275 deep cleaner steam vacuum features a hot, pressured steam cleaning system that effectively removes stubborn dirt and grime without the use of toxic chemicals.

This system isn’t just for surface-level cleaning though. It also allows you to clean a variety of surfaces including tiled floors and grout, sealed wood flooring, laminate, appliances, grills, autos, and more.

The MC1275 boasts a 48-ounce water tank that heats up in approximately 8 minutes and provides up to 45 minutes of steam for any heavy-duty cleaning jobs you might need to tackle.

The optional lockable steam trigger helps you get the most out of your steamer by eliminating the chance of having to stop a cleaning job to supply more water so that you can continue with your tasks. The MC1275 has an extra-long 15.

It has a 7-foot power cord for those hard-to-reach places, as well as an over 9-foot steam hose so you can help fill the gaps and exclusively help you clean hard-to-reach spaces like high or low places with ease.


  • 48-ounce water tank
  • Heats up in under 8 minutes
  • 15. 7-foot power cord 
  • 18 Accessories
  • 45 Minutes of Continuous Steam
  • 10 lbs. Weight

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent accessories
  • High water tank

What We Don’t

  • Average power cord
  • Costly

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop

It’s truly amazing the kind of power you can get from BISSELL’s steam mops! The Power fresh steam mop is one surefire way to keep your home bacteria-free this summer.

It heats up fast and you can use it on many more surfaces than just your standard sticky floor. The Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop is a great steamer and easy to use.

You can select from three levels of steam emitters to work best with whatever the job at hand. It has intelligent swivel steering and you can set it up anywhere in only 30 seconds.

With a built-in smart sensor, the Bissell Power Fresh lets you select from high, medium, or low steam based on your cleaning needs. With swivel steering and a long 23-foot power cord, you’re ready to clean up those hard-to-reach places!

From Bissell comes Power fresh, a unique and compact solution to cleaning your home. It is state-of-the-art to clean further than any other steam mop on the market and it has a delicious glide of banana smell that will always be in your nose whenever you use it!

Its impressive features include: an easy scrubber flip down to get in cracks or tough spots, two washable pads so it is way more economical than other machines that are single-use only, and a carpet glider to aerate rugs so there’s no need for another different machine for thick rug floors when you already have Power Fresh.

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop comes with a microfiber soft pad, a microfiber scrubby pad, spring breeze fragrance discs, and a carpet glider. The power rating of this steam mop is 1500 watts.


  • 23-foot power cord
  •  Power rating: 1500 watts
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Eliminates 99.9 percent of germs
  • 8.3 Pounds weight
  • 16 oz water tank capacity

What We Like

  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Excellent power rating
  • Supportive water tank
  • Excellent germs killer

What We Don’t

  • Poor power suction
  • Rapidly heated

How to Select a Best Grout Cleaner Machine?

It is not an easy task to select a specific grout cleaner from such a vast range of cleaners present right now.

There are some characteristics that make a grout cleaner more preferable over the others. Hence, some features which are necessary for a grout cleaner are discussed below:

Surface Commendation

Different grout cleaners are recommended for different surfaces ranging from hard floor to carpeted floor, stairs to upholstery, windows, and furniture.

Always read the specifications regarding the floor on the cleaner machine before selecting a grout cleaner machine according to your home. Do not try to use the irrelevant machine for an irrelevant surface. It may damage your floor.

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Power Source

There are two kinds of power sources present in a grout cleaner machine i.e. corded and cordless. For the electrically corded machine, no battery is required to recharge the machine after specific time intervals. On the other hand, if you buy a cordless machine, you need a battery to recharge it after use.

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Length of Power Cord

The length of the power cord is one of the main constituents which must be considered before selecting your cleaner machine. The length of the power cord should be suitable for your room or lounge cleaning.

If you have a small room, the normal length of the power cord is enough. But if you have a big home or king-size rooms, it is recommended to choose a larger length of the grout cleaner machine.

Heating Time

The heating time of your grout cleaner’s tank should be measured accurately according to your home cleaning requirements.

Some cleaners take a few minutes to get the tank solution heated, however, others take a long time to be heated. In both cases, heating time greatly affects the proficiency of a machine.

Water tank Range

The range or the capacity of the cleaner machine must be counted before selection. You can also check the water tank’s ability to separate the dirty and clean water in separate sections of the tanks.

Above this, consider the water tank’s capability to be environmentally friendly or pollution-causing. All these factors make a cleaner machine more effective than normal cleaners.  

FAQ’s Related to Best Grout Cleaner Machine

Yes, there are a lot of cleaner machines available nowadays that can clean the grout in an effective way. Out of all grout cleaning machines, Bissell Steam Shot 39N7V is the best choice for cleaning the grout proficiently.

A steamer is the best choice for cleaning the grout without any harm or cracks. As the steam is natural, it does not cause any harmful effect to the grout and removes the hard and tough stains with a single use.

Well, it is the choice of the professionals that what method they will prefer to clean the grout. But most professionals prefer to use the general method of cleaning the grout by:

  • Make a solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap.
  • Put down the solution on the surface to be cleaned.
  • Scrub and wipe the surface.

The McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner comes with 23 attachments to tackle the most formidable cleaning challenges. It uses steam power to clean and sanitize floors, countertops, autos, and tile grout; deep-clean upholstery, drapes, and carpets; clean siding and gutters; plunge into shower stalls for ultra-sleek results; remove sticky grime from kitchen cabinets, appliances, furniture, and more! The McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner is ready for any mess you have.

Steam cleaning is chemical-free, will not damage grout can be done on both sealed and unsealed grout, and steam cleaning does not destroy the sealer. You don’t have to damage the grout in your house after all. Steam cleaning works well on sealed and unsealed grout as well. What’s more, steam cleaning will not hurt the sealer either!

It is important to clean your tiled floors when there is a build-up of grout. By cleaning your floors properly, you are not only removing stains and products that have given the grout its discolored appearance, but you are also ridding the grout from potential contaminants like mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the tile flooring it is vital to protect it by resealing the grout to keep dirt, mold, and bacteria out. If you prefer a product made specifically for bathroom tile cleaning purposes then look for something similar to this product featured on Amazon here. Shower grout should be resealed once a year. Make sure to check out this great shower sealer here.

Grout that still has dirt and dust in it has to be cleaned differently than grout that needs maintenance due to being sealed. It’s strongly recommended for you clean the grout by using a special brush attached to your drill.

Make sure here so that the pressure of the squeezed water is strong enough to sew water into the pores of each tile. After that, dry up all tiles properly. If you have ever used vinegar in your kitchen before, you know how it can corrode certain kitchen products such as rubber spatulas etcetera. Grout is similar to white glue in terms of its makeup although it is more resilient than white glue.

Therefore, if you mistakenly apply vinegar on sealed grout, you will realize right away when air bubbles pop out from between your tiles, as a consequence of weakening their joints with acidity levels inside vinegar while they are moistened.


On the whole, we can say that rather than wasting so much time and energy on cleaning the tough and embedded dirt, dust, and debris from the floor or grout, it is more convenient and helpful to have a grout cleaner machine that tends to deep clean the grout and floor without any hard work and inconvenience.

You can buy a grout cleaner machine according to your home design and requirements and with single-use, you can get a clean home.

No doubt, above mentioned cleaner machines, might have some demerits but if you look at their advantages, they will overcome the demerits and satisfy the customers with their high-quality performance and satisfactory results.

These machines are also designed with different attachments and accessories to provide more functions for the cleaning process.

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