The most important thing about having a beautiful yard is ensuring that your garden tools and equipment are in good working condition.

This is especially true for your most valuable tool – your pressure washer. Perhaps the most common use of a pressure washer is to blast away grime and gunk from your car and other vehicles.

However, you might be surprised to learn that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Pressure washers can be used to take care of many other cleaning tasks as well.

The best hot water pressure washers help to remove dirt and grime that has accumulated on your driveway and patio. You can also clean your snow and ice-covered walk and your back patio.

The hot water pressure washers are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Most people don’t really think about it, but hot water pressure washers are a great way to get a lot of grime and dirt off of a variety of surfaces.

This blog will look at the 5 best pressure washers and the process of buying them.

Hot Water Pressure Washer
AR Blue Clean, AR630TSS-HOT Heavy-Duty Electric Pressure Washer
2.1 Max GPM Hot water up to 180 ̊ 1900 Max PSICheck On Amazon
Hot Water Pressure Washer
Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer
63 Pounds Weight 25 Feet Hose Length 1.6 LitersCheck On Amazon
Hot Water Pressure Washer
Greenworks 2000 Max PSI @ 1.2 GPM (13 Amp) Electric Pressure Washer
13 AMP Powerful motor 2000 Pound Maximum Pressure per Square Inch 25 Feet Hose LengthCheck On Amazon
Hot Water Pressure Washer
Champion Power Equipment 4200-PSI 4.0-GPM Commercial Duty Low Profile Gas Pressure Washer
4200 Pound Maximum Pressure per Square Inch 124.6 Pounds Item Weight 49.5 Inches Hose LengthCheck On Amazon
Hot Water Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer,3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer
Corded Electric Power Source Blue in Color 3000 PSI High-Pressure WasherCheck On Amazon


AR Blue Clean, AR630TSS-HOT Heavy-Duty Electric Pressure Washer

Since 1986, Annovi Reverberi, an Italian firm founded in 1959, has been making reliable pressure washers.

The AR Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT Hot Water Pressure Washer is a hot water cleaning equipment designed for professionals, but it may also be used by casual consumers.

This cleaning device does not heat the water, yet it can handle extremely hot water straight from the source.

The main strength of the Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT is the comprehensive cleaning performance it offers, as it mixes hot water, pressure, and detergents.

O-rings and a hot water seals kit are included with this power washer, allowing it to use water heated to temperatures of up to 180°F.

The AR Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT Hot Water Pressure Washer costs roughly $800-$850. The strong engine in the Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT Hot Water Pressure Washer can create a maximum pressure of 1900 PSI at 2.1 GPM.

Because it comes with a motor heat guard, this induction engine will endure a long time. The Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT pump is safeguarded by an automatic safety valve system that allows overheated water to escape, extending the pump’s life.

Ceramic plungers and a forged brass head make this AR triplex pump sturdy and dependable. A 27.1-foot power chord, a 25-foot high-pressure hose, a wand, a Vari-spray nozzle, and a trigger gun are included with the AR Annovi Reverberi Hot Water Pressure Washer AR630TSS-HOT.

Because of its compact form, the Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT weighs only 20.5 pounds and is easy to move about. The Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT pressure washer comes with a two-year warranty.


  • 2.1 Max GPM
  • Hot water up to 180 ̊
  • 1900 Max PSI
  • 1900 max inches thickness
  • 2-years limited warranty
  • Hot pressure washer
  • Adjustable pressure levels
  • Equipped with a trigger gun safety lock.
  • Long-lasting due to the total stop system.
  • Engine automatically stops when the water temperature is too high.
  • Not easy to assemble.
  • Not equipped with wheels.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Even the toughest cleaning jobs are no match for the Westinghouse WPX3200 3,200 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Powered Pressure Washer.

It is designed for heavy-duty cleaning and is powered by a powerful 4-cycle Horizontal Shaft OHV Westinghouse engine.

You can choose from a variety of 5 nozzle tips with varying degrees of pressure to suit your individual task of the day.

The WPX3200 is safe to use on brick, stone, concrete, wood, metal, and iron and has a 3.3-liter fuel capacity and a compact 1.6-liter soap tank on its side.

A sturdy steel frame and never-flat wheels provide convenient roll-away mobility, allowing you to manipulate this washer’s strength to scale past walls and into hard-to-reach places.

Decks, sidewalks, siding, fences, railings, garage floors, external walls, automobiles, and patio furniture are now easier to clean than ever before.


  • Maximum Pressure of 3200 Pound per Square Inch
  • 63 Pounds Weight
  • 25 Feet Hose Length       
  • 1.6 Liters
  • 2.5 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate
  • Heats water to 250 degrees
  • Includes several angled nozzles
  • Tough Steel Frame Construction
  • 3-years warranty
  • Releases diesel emissions
  • Requires dedicated outlet

Greenworks 2000 Max PSI @ 1.2 GPM (13 Amp) Electric Pressure Washer

Heavy-duty household cleaning requires instruments that are as serious as you are. This powerful pressure washer has a cleaning strength of up to 2000 PSI and 1.2 GPM, making it ideal for removing filth, grime, and debris.

Its small size makes it easy to maneuver, and its 25-foot kink-resistant hose and 35-foot power cable give you the reach you need for any cleaning project around the house.

Its PWMA certification ensures reliable results. The PWMA (Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association) was founded in 1997 to establish testing guidelines for pressure washers intended for use in the home, on the job, or on the farm.

Users may effortlessly convert from pressure washing to utilizing cleaning detergents thanks to the onboard soap tank; simply switch to the soap tip on the spray wand, and the device will automatically draw detergent from the tank.


  • 13 AMP Powerful motor
  • 2000 Pound Maximum Pressure per Square Inch
  • 25 Feet Hose Length       
  • Green in color
  • 25’ steel braided hose
  • Alternating current power source
  • 2000 PSI and 1.2 GPM
  • Ideal for medium duty projects
  • Uses any outlet
  • Has Industrial triplex pump
  • 5 quick-connect nozzle hoses
  • Leaks fuel when moved
  • Burner held on by flimsy screws

Champion Power Equipment 4200-PSI 4.0-GPM Commercial Duty Low Profile Gas Pressure Washer

The Champion Pro 100790 4200-PSI 4.0-GPM Commercial Duty Low Profile Gas Pressure Washer offers professional cleaning power at an affordable price.

With the ideal combination of high-performance components and practical features, you can clean like a pro.

Whatever the job, the Champion Pro 4200-PSI pressure washer operates admirably under pressure.

Champion’s commercial duty pressure washer is intended to get the job done, whether it’s washing your patio, deck, outdoor furniture, siding, fence, driveway, car, truck, boat, RV, agricultural equipment, or anything else.

Because the size of the nozzle impacts water flow and pressure, it’s critical to have the correct nozzle for the job.

For each work, the five quick-connect nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40, soap) offer optimal cleaning performance.

Use the included 50-foot commercial-grade steel braid reinforced high-pressure hose with 38″ Quick Connects to extend your reach.

The 2-foot detergent hose for the incorporated onboard 1-gallon detergent tank makes washing detergents a breeze.

The AR (Annovi Reverberi) Commercial-Grade Triplex Brass Head pump has a forged brass manifold for corrosion resistance and is designed for optimum performance.

This pressure washer is easy to maneuver because of the Champion’s low-profile design and 10-inch tires. 

You’ll have what you need when you need it thanks to the handy hose storage strap and onboard storage for the rubber high-pressure hose, trigger gun, and spray wand.

You’ll also be able to keep moving without having to stop and put things away. The long-lasting steel frame is made to last.

This device has a 1.2 qt. oil capacity (including 10W-30 and oil funnel) and runs at 68 dBA from 23 feet, which is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

It is powered by a Champion 389cc engine with a 1.6-gallon fuel tank and fitted with a low oil shut-off sensor.

This pressure washer is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. with a 2-year guaranteed warranty and lifetime, technical support is included for free.


  • 4200 Pound Maximum Pressure per Square Inch
  • 124.6 Pounds Item Weight          
  • 49.5 Inches Hose Length 
  • 1 Gallons Tank Volume
  • 4 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate 
  • 2-years warranty
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Hassle free
  • HEPA certified
  • Handle leaks

Pressure Washer,3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer

For maximum cleaning strength, a powerful 1800-Watt universal motor provides max 3000 PSI water pressure at 1.8 GPM water flow.

This electric pressure washer is great for washing decks, terraces, driveways, siding, sheds, automobiles, outdoor power equipment, and other surfaces fast and easily.

It has 4 quick-connect spray tips (0o, 15o, 25o, and 40o) for washing various surfaces at low to high pressure.

Depending on your demands, you can select from a variety of pressure washer nozzles with mild, medium, and heavy-duty cleaning duties, which can improve cleaning efficiency and make cleaning corners easier.

The built-in onboard hose reel neatly protects and helps avoid kinks in the high-pressure hose and makes winding and unwinding a simple process.

A 20-foot high-pressure hose is long enough for the projects you need it for. Safety Features of a Power Washer Automatic Total Stop System (TSS), which saves energy and extends pump life by automatically shutting off the pump when the trigger is not applied.

Moving the pressure washer is simple and safe with the power washer’s wheeled upright trolley. The spray gun can be held on both sides of the mesh stock. The electric cord is kept clean with the cable hook.


  • Corded Electric Power Source    
  • Blue in Color       
  • 3000 PSI High-Pressure Washer
  • 3000 Pound per Square Inch Maximum Pressure           
  • 20 Feet Hose Length
  • Adjustable pressure nozzles
  • Has high pressure washer hose reel
  • Comes with TTS (Total Stop System)
  • Easy to move & store
  • Relatively expansive



The best pressure washer can reduce a faucet’s flow to about 5 gallons per minute. This is the average performance of a 4000 PSI cleaner, despite the fact that their price puts them out of reach for most people.

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Consider how the water is heated by the power tool. Typically, this is a burner or a heating coil. In gas pressure washers, a burner is used to provide heat.

It can boost the temperature of incoming water to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Some even provide steam cleaning services. Heating coils work in a unique way.

They are visible on your appliance and are made of pipes or tubing. These can also be used to heat your water; however, they may not have the same power as burners.


Examine the appliance’s PSI. This is a measurement of the pressure per square inch. The pressure washer’s power is proportional to this number.

Gallons per minute (GPM) is another factor to consider. The higher this number is, the more water can be processed at once. This allows you to clean with more vigor.

Some may market their cleaning power CP as a selling point. The PSI is multiplied by the GPM to achieve this. The CP of a machine with 4000 PSI and four GPM is 16,000.


Because these are such powerful devices, choosing one with some nice safety measures is a good idea.

This could include a trigger gun shut-off switch, a safety valve for low-pressure use, a safety lock to avoid unintentional use, and more.


Both gas and electric hot water pressure washers are available. Electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly because they do not require the usage of gasoline.

Gas pressure washers, on the other hand, are more powerful, so if you require a high PSI, you might want to choose one.


Is a hot water pressure washer worth it?

You’ll need hot water to clean engines, automotive parts, or anything with oil or grease.
A cold-water pressure washer, when used with detergent, can be quite successful in a variety of applications.
The general rule is that whatever cold water cleans, hot water cleans better and more quickly.

How much does a hot pressure washer cost?

A pressure washer can be purchased for an average of $246 today. With an average price of $379, gas pressure washers are the most expensive.
On average, battery-powered pressure washers cost $182. The average price of an electric pressure washer is $167.


Choosing the best hot water pressure washers can be a daunting task as there are so many options available.

Here is a review of pressure washers available as well as a guide on how to choose the right one.

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