6 Best Steam Cleaner for Mattress in 2021

The mattress cleaning is a good way to freshen up your bed. It’s also a good way to get unwanted stains out of your mattress.

The mattress is an important part of your bed. It’s where your body rests and you should want to keep it in good condition. Are you still wondering how to clean a mattress?

You don’t want to waste your money on other expensive cleaners because you just want your mattress to be clean, right?

A steam cleaning method is a form of cleaning that uses a pressurized stream of steam to clean a surface. The cleaning method has a lot of benefits over traditional cleaning methods.

Let’s have a look at some of the best steam cleaners for mattresses, that will make your mattress cleaning process easier.

Steam Cleaner for Mattress
BISSELL SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner
High-pressure steam cleaner No harmful fumes 3 color-coded round brushCheck On Amazon
Steam Cleaner for Mattress
LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multi-Functional Steam mop
Low steam setting Multipurpose cleaning Handheld steam cleanerCheck On Amazon
Steam Cleaner for Mattress
Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner
9-piece accessory included Good for stains and spot cleaning Great for small crevicesCheck On Amazon
Steam Cleaner for Mattress
Comforday Steam Cleaner
Nine free accessories Chemical-free Multi-surface useCheck On Amazon
Steam Cleaner for Mattress
McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner
No harsh chemicals hot, pressured steam Superior supportCheck On Amazon
Steam Cleaner for Mattress
Ivation 1800W Canister Steam Cleaner
Expansive kit High capacity rolling tank Supreme sanitize actionCheck On Amazon

Reviews on Best Steam Cleaner for Mattress

BISSELL SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

This product is one of the best handheld mattress steam cleaners. You’ll love how this handy little cleaner can reach even the smallest corners in a world where your usual vacuum cleaner just doesn’t cut it anymore.

We’re sure you’ll find a lot of use for this high-quality hand-held steam cleaner by going over hard-to-access areas, whether that be mattresses or armchairs in your lounge.

The nozzle-style attachments will have you set in no time so go on ahead and order yours now. This unit is also ideal for cleaning items on the ground, such as fridges and couches.

The 16-foot power cord allows you to reach high areas from across the room, streamlining your overall cleaning process.

This steamer comes with an easy-to-use trigger that prevents finger fatigue during prolonged use.

This might sound like a small feature, but it’s very important because it helps you clean for longer without your hands starting to get tired.

The steam cleaner releases steam which sanitizes and cleans all surfaces of your homemade moisture-friendly material.

The model has high-pressure steam but what sets it apart is the constant pressure throughout the cleaning process, leading to more efficient and complete cleaning.

This product comes with several attachments that are instrumental in terms of cleaning your concrete floors.

Just attaching the flat scraping tool to the steam unit turns it into a penetrating floor scrubber while the angle concentrator enables you to fully clean corners and edges along with removing dirt and grime from your surfaces.

The colors on these round brushes clearly indicate which ones should clean in what areas, thereby streamlining the whole process of removing stains completely.

As you can see, this floor steam cleaner is very versatile in its capabilities to help get your house back into an allergen-free order using absolutely no harsh chemicals.


  • High-pressure Steam cleaner 
  • No harmful fumes
  • 3 color-coded round brush
  • Flat scrapping tool
  • 6 oz tank capacity
  • Comes with Multiple accessories
  • Deliver powered steam
  • 100% chemical free
  • warms up in 30 seconds
  • Lightweight
  • Need frequent refills

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multi-Functional Steam mop

There are several products you’ll find on the market that are ideal for home use. One of them is an ingenious floor-cleaning solution, which runs off steam power.

This product is primarily a standing mop-style model, but it will scrub away any dirt or grime from your floors regardless of what the surface might be made out of – wood, laminate, stone tile, etc.

The cleaning agent is steam – hot water heated instantly at the touch of a button to become vapor instead!

This model comes with intuitive features one needs to use efficiently right out of the box no matter how dirty things might get – first and foremost being its state-of-the-art stand that allows you to place the cleaner upright without scraping against any furniture or walls while getting your hands on some other essential thing you need immediately.

The handheld steam cleaner offers three features. A high setting, a medium setting, and a low setting.

This helps to customize the intensity of your cleaning based on what you are working on at the moment. You can use this for multiple purposes.

For example, bathrooms, high-traffic areas of your home, doorknobs, and more. Another option is to use the hose attachment to sanitize furniture (upholstery, bed Metreses) and get rid of any smells in these soft materials or odors that make them sticky or dirty.

With some extra fabric cleaner, you can use it to steam clothes making them fresh and wrinkle-free. This model is one of the best models.

There is not a square inch of your household it can’t tackle and sanitize. Its hot heating, steam options, and all-in-one nature make it a hot favorite for us and thousands of customers


  • Low steam setting
  • Multipurpose cleaning
  • Handheld steam cleaner
  • Utilizes 212°F hot steam
  • Frequent replacement policy
  • Remove stains
  • Use water only
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Lightweight
  • One-year warranty
  • Tank must be fill for handheld use.

Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

This is one of the best steam cleaners for mattresses because it is compactly designed with several attachments that are required for targeted cleaning.

It’s also easy to carry around the house, especially because this version is handheld. The nine accessories that come with the unit are a funnel, measuring cup, long spray nozzle, extension hose, brush head, bend spray cup, fabric steam tool window brush plate, and towel sleeve.

In addition, this steam cleaner model has an 8.5-ounce water tank capacity, which is sufficient for small handheld models as the size does not add to the bulkiness of it while producing just enough steam to get out all those pesky stains from your furniture and mattresses.

This will need refilling often but won’t be a nuisance to you thanks to its level of convenience. The steam pressure on this model is low but consistent so cleaning efficiency remains high.

There are two ways to hold this particular steamer. One can hold it as they would a hand-held steamer and by pushing the trigger manage the steam as per requirement.

The second option is to not hold it at all and wrap one’s fingers around the base as one might do while holding something – in this case, picking up an object out of water.

This second option allows for manual control of said steam which may be ideal for someone who prefers explicit control over how the steam is released.

Both options are highly effective. The ergonomic design also helps ensure that using this product will prove both comfortable and not lead one into feeling fatigued by its usage.


  • 9-piece accessory included
  • Good for stains and spot cleaning
  • Great for small crevices
  • Improved water tank and tank capacity
  • Quick steam technology
  • Chemical-free and safe
  • Comes with safety lock
  • Comes with safety cap
  • 1050W of power
  • User friendly
  • Not good for carpet cleaning

Comforday Steam Cleaner

This product comes with a multitude of easily replaced attachments that help you get your money’s worth from the steam cleaner itself.

Try out the brush and nozzle combination to thoroughly clean heavily impacted grout lines. The round brush attachment also helps remove stubborn hairline grime build-up wherever it may be.

If you have delicate garments, use the cloth sleeve to gently steam away all stains and germs – but never use an intense heat level on sensitive textiles – only a very low one.

To clean into every nook and cranny, try using the long nozzle attachment which can reach into any corners or crevices. Use this tool if you’re looking to sanitize all bed bugs, mites, moss, mildew, or other allergens from your mattress surface area.

A thorough scrubbing will help alleviate any breathing issues by removing unwanted allergens inhabiting your mattress or even carpeted room flooring in some cases.

An instant steam technology allows the water to become steam in a quick, efficient way, saving you lots of time that would otherwise be spent waiting for your garments to be cleaned.

The unit has a 350 ml water reservoir which can produce steam for around 20 minutes when it’s full.

The model comes with a 9.8 ft power cord meaning no need to worry about plugging and unplugging the device repeatedly while cleaning.

You can also use it outdoors since the steamer has an extension nozzle attached to it, allowing you more cleaning flexibility – all you need is an electric socket.


  • Nine free accessories
  • Chemical free
  • Multi-surface use
  • Power hot steam
  • 9.8 ft Power cord
  • Compact
  • User friendly
  • Remove stain easily
  • Budget friendly
  • Comes with safety cap
  • Steam pressure could be higher

McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner

For whatever reason, people haven’t really bought into the idea of steam cleaners. There are plenty of great steam cleaners out there, one of which is the McCulloch Steamer.

Our research showed us that most people don’t even know what a steamer is used for, let alone how it works.

But they do make some alarming assumptions about it being too dangerous to use on your bed frame or headboard.

This is simply not true! The McCulloch Steamer isn’t just useful for getting rid of bugs and pet hair, but you’ll soon realize all of its potential uses when you get your hands on an innovative product like this one.

This steam cleaner comes with 20 handy attachments that are great for use around the house, but also when tackling the cleaning of your mattress.

The extension hose is especially nice; it acts as an automatic reel to wind in the excess cable when you’re not using it.

It also boasts 90 minutes of continuous steam which means you’ll be able to tackle even large cleaning jobs in no time at all.

This product includes a power nozzle that comes equipped with an extra-long handle to help you clean hard surfaces without having to bend over and put effort into it.

These accessories also come with different brushes for dealing with grime, as well as various handled sponges so you can get behind and under all your appliances and cabinets easily.

Additionally, this product comes packaged in a convenient storage bag so these items don’t go missing from where you left them last.


  • No harsh chemicals
  • hot, pressured steam 
  • Superior support
  • Large capacity tank
  • 20 versatile accessories
  • 10-foot steam hose
  • Easy to use
  • Quick heat up
  • Affordable
  • 58 PSI steam pressure.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Problem in hose

Ivation 1800W Canister Steam Cleaner

When we set out to compile this article, we sought out to showcase some of the best steamers on the market and we did just that.

And lucky for you, one of them is Ivation’s bed and mattress cleaner vacuum. For this project, three factors were vital: safety, expertise, and quality.

Safe for use by children and adults alike (because yes, you can certainly use it on your other furniture like chairs), easy to maneuver (no cords required), and built by a brand that knows what they’re doing (and who even back it up with a whole year’s worth of warranty service should something go wrong). It comes with 14 accessories and has 1800W power.


  • Expansive kit
  • High capacity rolling tank
  • Supreme sanitize action
  • Multi-purpose cleaning
  • 14 Accessories
  • 1800W Power
  • Easy to use
  • Use simple water in tank
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Affordable
  • Remove stains
  • Replacement parts are difficult to find

Buyers Guide

Bugs, Mites, and Bacteria

Cleaning your mattress is essential to keep it working the way it’s supposed to. Steam cleaning does a deep cleanse rather than removing everything, meaning allergens are not completely wiped away but reduced.

The steam will kill all bed bugs and mites so they don’t build up and you can avoid potentially harmful reactions to their proteins not destroyed by the process.

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Deep Clean

Mattress covers can provide you with a certain level of protection against fluids and solid particles penetrating your mattress, but it isn’t 100% guaranteed.

Additionally, even if you clean out the solid debris regularly with a hoover, there is no guarantee that the urine or sweat hasn’t already penetrated deep into the mattress.

Not only can this cause harmful bacteria to build up inside your mattress over time, which can lead to health issues for your family, but it can start to make your mattress look dirty quickly which could put off potential customers viewing it at an open house.

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Shorter Drying Time

Steam cleaners are particularly useful because by using steam to kill off allergens and clean the mattress you don’t need to worry about the mattress becoming wet afterward.

If you use other cleaning products like detergents or spray cleaners, they won’t dry quickly enough before mold begins to grow on your dirty fabric surfaces.

There is also the risk that using chemicals can irritate your skin or lungs, which is why it’s best not to put anything harsh next to your face at night.

Get More Out of Your Mattress

Steam cleaning is an easy way to deeply clean your mattress, but there are certainly other options.

There are several steam mops available on the market so you can decide which one you like best depending on your needs and price range.

FAQs Related to Best Steam Cleaner for Mattress

Can you use a steam cleaner on a mattress?

Removing sweat and stains from your mattress can be obligatory at times and often that is because of an accumulation of dead skin cells, dust, and dirt.
If you don’t clean your mattress on a regular basis then it can result in having to replace it sooner than you might require.
Vacuuming the mattress first will help to remove any loose particles. Follow up by running a steam cleaner across the whole surface before letting it air dry thoroughly.

How does baking soda clean a mattress?

Adding baking soda along with water creates carbonic acid which helps draw out bad odors, dirt, and grime.
I use one cup of baking soda for an entire king-sized bed. Put it under your sheet which you can now reuse after leaving the bed for about an hour to an hour and a half so as not to have any accidents or have animals falling asleep on it!
You can also do this before putting fresh sheets on so it’ll absorb the odors underneath. Now just remake the bed with your clean sheets!
Leave some baking soda under the clean sheets just in case something seems fishy later on.


Mattresses are an integral part of our life. Cleaning our mattress is not an easy job. With regular usage, the mattress will accumulate stains, dirt, dead skin, sweat, dead mites, dead bugs, lint, dandruff, fluids, etc.

All this debris affects the quality of the mattress. Dust and germs build up over time and can make your mattress a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites.

A steam cleaner can keep these allergens away and keep your mattress clean and fresh. With a steam cleaner, you can keep your mattress protected and clean.

This blog will show you the best mattresses steam cleaners. According to Amazon rating, McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner is the best steam cleaner for mattresses.

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