Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave: Which is Best?

It is very difficult to find a new vacuum cleaner that will suit all your cleaning needs. There are so many products out there that it is hard to pick the one that will work for you.

To help you with this difficult choice, we did some research for you from the top brand Bissell. We are going to compare the two models of Bissell.

The Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave is two of the most popular Bissell models on the market.

They are both bagless upright vacuum cleaners that use cyclonic technology to remove dirt and debris from your floors.

We’ve compared the two models to see which is the best value for money and which model is more efficient at cleaning your home. So, let us discuss!

Vacuum Cleaner
Bissell Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Smart touch control
2 Tank system
Multi-surface cleaning
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Vacuum Cleaner
Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner
Cyclonic technology
Dry tank technology
400 Watts for Vacuum
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Bissell Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner


  • 11.02 pounds weight
  • 0.4 dust capacity
  • Smart touch control
  • 2 Tank system
  • Multi-surface cleaning

Bissell CrossWave Multi Floor comes available in many different colors. The 1785A model weighs 11.02 pounds and has a swivel head for better movement.

It was made to be versatile on both bare floor surfaces and low pile carpeting, then it also has off-road wheels to make it simple to move around while cleaning each surface.

The Bissell CrossWave 1785A comes with a detachable brush and upholstery tool which you can easily remove and attach with ease anywhere you want to.

The Bissell CrossWave (Model # 1785A) is built to remove both dry and wet debris making it an ideal vacuum for stairs.

This unit has a 2-in-1 tank which allows for quick and hassle-free suction of your dirty water, meaning that even when your tank is filled to the max, the suction motor will not operate until the dirty water tank is removed.

You’ll always know when it’s time to empty. The Bissell CrossWave Multi Floor vacuum cleaner has been proven to be useful in cleaning both floors and carpets.

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It has a foot-operated power switch allowing it to be turned on with ease. It has a brush roll that rotates at a high speed of 3000 RPM for effective bare floor cleaning.

This Neat lightweight vacuum Neat 220 volts vac is provided with a powerful sponge-based pad made from nylon fibers which are capable of collecting all the dirt and particles from your carpet efficiently.

The vacuum cleaner contains special grade HEPA filters (see our reviews on HEPA vacuums) that can catch extra fine dust particles along with larger pollutants.

This model comes with 2 years standard limited warranty so buyers get assured performance for this price tag.

What We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Comes with accessories

What We Don’t

  • Problem in motor
  • Old motor design

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner


  • Comes with Disposable pads
  • 3.3 Vacuum Amps
  • Cyclonic technology
  • Dry tank technology
  • 400 Watts for Vacuum 

The Bissell Symphony is labeled as an all-in-one vacuum and steam mop, which is a convenient option.

You can choose to buy this option or you can buy the pieces separately. If you do go for the whole kit.

It’s a great deal because you can eliminate quite a lot of cleaning accessories from your shopping list and just purchase one item.

This vacuum cleaner does an excellent job at picking up dirt and litter from your home. Additionally, it features some particularly strong suction that will help to pick up heavier items with less hassle than other competitors on the market.

One of the best things about the Bissell Symphony is that it comes with a multi-level filtration system and multi-cyclonic cleaning which leaves behind no vacuum lines over all your floors.

It offers five different operating speeds for deep cleaning hardwood, wood floors, stone flooring, laminate floors, etc.

One drawback to this upright vacuum cleaner is that it doesn’t work well on rugs or carpets due to the fact that it doesn’t come with a brush roll attachment.

All in all, this particular brand of vacuum cleaner makes it easy to give all of your floors in your home a good clean in only one sweep.

This vacuum and mop combo comes with two cleaning pads. One of the pads is designed to clean up smaller messes, while the other works best for tackling messes that are bigger in nature perfect for homes with lots of pets and kids too.

It seems to do an excellent job at collecting pet hair which can easily hide behind furniture or get stuck on carpeting. The smaller pad sweeps up dust while debris gets sucked into the vacuum.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • User friendly
  • Durable
  • Work best of surfaces

What We Don’t

  • It smears dirt and hairs all around

Bissell Crosswave

The Bissell CrossWave is known for its performance capabilities on hardwood floors and rugs alike. You can get benefit from a dual-action brush head, which has specific cleanings depending on the kind of floor you’re cleaning.

There’s also a brush that’s specifically designed to aid in getting rid of pet hair without too much hassle.

There is an internal air filtration system that helps keep the machine in check by ensuring it performs at optimal levels.

The Bissell CrossWave has been built to do an outstanding job of cleaning while protecting your home from allergens.

Remove Allergens

When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors or carpets, the CrossWave does not relent in its ability to remove pesky dirty little germs.

The mop can fight almost any germ that comes into its path by combining the power of suction with cleaning action.

If you want to rescue your hands from washing up after vacuuming, then this is the product for you.

Two tank system

While mopping, it’s important to avoid dirty water mixing up with the cleaning water. This makes your floors get dirty again.

To avoid this problem, CrossWave has designed a two-tank system that creates great separation while washing and vacuuming.


No one can deny the fact that sealed hard floors can get dirty! Just think about all the dirt and debris that might be brought into the home by family pets, or else all of those games played with friends and family members.

There are times when these issues can overwhelm us, but don’t lose hope! The CrossWave mop works on multiple surfaces so not only does it clean your floors but their area rugs too. ​

Smart touch controls

With CrossWave you can create a seamless surface regardless of floor type because it offers two distinct floor transitions.

The control capability automatically switches from hardwood to carpet for effortless control regardless of whether or not there are children around.

Bissell Symphony

It is the vacuum and steam cleaner combo. As it sweeps, the Symphony also emits an antiseptic vapor onto your floor.

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When your floor is wet, this vapor kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get with regular cleaning products alone.

The handle swivels, so maneuvering can be made much easier regardless of how small or large your room is.

Oh yes, not only does it sweep, but it also mops. The brush head easily detaches when it’s time for storage purposes yet remembers its original placement whenever you disassemble it to use again.

With the Bissell Symphony, you no longer have to go through the hassle of mopping or using harsh chemicals.

The synergy of vacuuming and cleaning leaves your floors spotless. With the amazing detachable built-in brush head, cleaning is safe on sealed hard floors, hardwood, tiles, etc.

Dry tank technology

What if your actual water tank had an exhaust pipe that was releasing all of its horrid fumes while you were trying to sweep the carpet in your living room.

How bad would that smell! Luckily, the Symphony Hot Water Tank features a dry-tank feature.

This technology will keep moisture out of your tank, keeping it dry and giving you energy-efficient hot water each day.

Work on different surfaces

Regardless of what type of floor you have, Symphony can handle it. The steam cleaner penetrates deep into the pores of the floor by removing any dirt that might get stuck in its crevices.

Afterward, Symphony wipes off all remaining residue with a vacuum attachment and stores everything in a disposable tank for clean-up purposes.

Comes with pads

The Symphony mop pad kit ships with both a washable soft mop pad and a washable scrubby mop pad. The soft mop is great for vinyl floors.

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The scrubby pad works well on hard floors, but can also be used on any other surface if you’d rather use it to clean tiles or laminate flooring than to clean your hard floors.

No matter what floor type you’re cleaning, the washable micro-fiber pads are safe for scratch-free washing so you can feel great about using them regularly.

Remove foul smell

Whatever Symphony is, it’s something you can trust to get the job done. When your floors are left with a lingering odor of any kind, Symphony will get it out for you, taking care of even the smelliest of situations.

One way Symphony achieves this is by distributing scent discs that are inserted into washable pads attached to mops made specifically for deep cleaning purposes.

These smell-eliminating pads are then used to wash scales off of hardwood floors or even carpeting which was actually recently left sweating by your neighbor’s wet dog when he got in from playing at the park in the rain.

Hand free cleaning system

The dirt tank is designed with an exclusive emptying system that allows you to keep your hands clean during the process. No more messing around with gloves.

Comparison between Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave

Comparison between Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave

Steaming function

Here, the Symphony is clearly the winner. The CrossWave doesn’t have a steamer integrated with its design.

While Symphony only offers a steamer as a premium attachment option, it can save you money if that’s not something that you need or require.

Design and size

When it comes to the design, both of them offer a similar look. They both have a corded vacuum, 12.8 oz tanks, and regular-looking builds.

However, at 54 inches tall, the Symphony is nineteen inches shorter than its counterpart that stands at 73 inches tall.

The CrossWave is also heavier than the Symphony weighing 11.5 lbs, whereas the Symphony weighs 9.4 lbs due to its size.

Cleaning attachments

CrossWave and Symphony both come with cleaning brush roll attachments, but Symphony also has a vacuum inlet.

A Dual-action multi-surface cleaner is designed to effortlessly pick up dirt from hard floors without you having to exert extra effort on your part. Meanwhile, these vacuums make it possible for you to draw out pet hair with far less of an issue.

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It’s obvious that CrossWave resembles a regular vacuum cleaner, dual tanks are present to maintain the freshness of the clean water supply, while Symphony uses an entirely different method of ensuring that none of the dust or debris returns into the dirty water neatly separated by drawers inside of the mop.

Multi surface

To be frank, the quality of this particular model wins out in favor of the Symphony.

The CrossWave features a convenient hardwood floor cleaning mode with bristles designed to clean tile and sealed wood surfaces while the Symphony only works well on hard floors.

It seems that this model can clean some rugs too, while Symphony struggles with non-hard surfaces.

Corded or Cordless

Both vacuums have different strengths. For instance, the Symphony features a longer power cord at 25 feet, while the CrossWave is considered less noisy at an extra 2 decibels.

So, if you want something quieter but still have the ability to reach further away, then opt for the CrossWave.

However, because both vacuums come with this equally key-value “25 feet long power cord,” we’ll call this one a draw as well.

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Filtration and tank

The CrossWave holds more water than the Symphony which proves to be useful when cleaning.

The Symphony can hold up to 12.8 oz, whereas, the CrossWave has a storage capacity of 28 oz, about 51.2% larger than Symphony’s tank.

Both have rectangular-shaped water filters that are air-cooled. However, the Symphony uses an arc-shaped filter which is more effective at keeping dust away from the internal machinery beneath it due to its circular design.

Frequently Asked Question

Bissell CrossWave is a vacuum that was built to clean floors without soap or detergent, enabling you to still maintain your hardwood floor’s fresh scent.
This vacuum also offers plenty of suction power and can clean up carpets without damaging them.

for a mid-range upright vacuum, the Bissell Crosswave is likely to fulfill its primary function, cleaning both wet and dry messes on hard floor surfaces.
However, tests suggest that it does not perform particularly well on pet hair when compared with other vacuums in its category.

When it comes to cleaning, people usually feel that adding more cleaning solutions works the best.
While that might be true for some areas in your home, in regards to hardwood floors you might want to think about using a light spray every time you do a pass over a certain area with a mop in order to get an even finish without any unnecessary streaking from the harsh cleaning ingredients.


The vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools for a home or a business. The vacuum cleaner is quite an important part of your home and you need to make sure that you have a good one.

In this blog, we have compared the Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave. These two upright vacuums have a lot of similarities and they even have a similar look at first glance.

However, they have a lot of differences if you look closely. Bissell Symphony is a great carpet cleaner in the market. The Symphony has a modern design and a big container with a long hose.

If you have a large carpet to clean then the Symphony will be a good choice for you. Bissell Crosswave is a smaller cleaner, which is easy to move around.

It has a smaller container but the dirty water tank is much bigger. The Crosswave can clean a large area in one go.

We have discussed many others features through which you can easily understand the difference between them. I hope you enjoyed our article.

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