Useful Guide: How to Clean Concrete Floors?

Are you also feel difficult to clean your concrete floor, if yes, here we have discussed a brief guide on how to clean concrete floors? Let’s read it.

Concrete is basically broken sand cement or any gravel and it is similar to any hard object. Concrete is made up of water, portland cement, and air.

Concrete Floor Cleaning Process

Cleaning of the concrete floor should be done from the day one you install them. Regular cleaning helps it to remove all dust and stain from it.

The Best Material to Use

Use and chose the equipment very carefully to avoid any potential harm to your concrete floor.

Wet mop, Pressure washer, Microfiber cloth,  PH neutral cleaner, Dust mop, Scrub brush, broom, Vaare the main equipment to clean the concrete floor.

The Best Material to Use for Concrete Floor

Cleaning Process

The cleaning of concrete depends upon your concrete material and the stains on your concrete. The following chemicals and mixtures are normally used to clean the concrete floor:

  1. The normal stains can be washed through dish soap and water.
  2. To remove mildew use detergent, laundry bleach or Trisodium phosphate, etc.
  3. To remove grease stains use corn starch or Kitty litter.
  4. Remove tire marks with a degreaser.

Concrete Floor Clearing

First, clear the floor distractions like furniture, rugs, and mat.

Concrete Floor Cleaning

Now clean the floor with both the wet and dry mop to remove all the dust particles. Using a vacuum cleaner will be a good option if you can afford it.

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Stain Removing From Concrete Floor

From Garage

To remove stains from the garage, like tire marks spray the area with water to remove the dirt on it.  Apply degreaser. Wait for four to five hours to tet it sit. After that, rinse it after scrubbing it with a brush.  Apply high-pressure water to rinse it.

Grease Removing From Concrete Floor

In the case of grease removal, Apply the cornstarch. Let it stay there for three days. After three days rinse it thoroughly.

  1. Take 4 liters of water and a Ph solution.
  2. Mix the PH solution in water.
  3. Damp the mold on the water and clean the floor.
  4. Starting from the corner slowly and steadily clean the room.
  5. Scrub the floor, In case you do not have auto scrub, Mop the floor.

Vinegar Concrete Cleaning

You will require:

  1.  Warm water, According to the requirement.
  2.  Cups of vinegar according to the requirement.

Dilute vinegar in warm water for 15 minutes. Scrub the floor along with this mixture. At the end rinse it with clean water. A natural oil vinegar can also be considered a good option for cleaning the concrete floor. Vinegar may harm the protective layer of concrete on it.

Concrete Floor Stain Removal with Bleach

According to experts bleach is also considered a good option for the removal of stains. In case the stain is difficult to remove, scrub it with a scrub brush.

Removal of Dark Colors From the Concrete Floor

The dark or black color is very difficult to remove from the concrete floor. You can use acid to remove that dark or black color. As the dark spots in concrete usually occur due to water So the best way to avoid them is to use a water repellent sealer or paint.

In Case of Plain Concrete

In plain concrete, the stain is difficult to remove. It may damage your finish. Use hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or ammonia to clean that type of surface. Wear protective gloves to avoid chemical damage while using them.

Best Way to Clean Concrete Floors Outdoors

On the outer surfaces power washer is the best option to clean the outdoor floors. Mix chemical ingredients and apply them to the surface. Avoid Acidic chemicals. Then rinse it through the pressure vessel until it is cleaned completely.

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For Extra Shine of Concrete Floor

The wax preserves the sealer. Different wear and tear can happen on the concrete floors. Wax can be useful to avoid wear and tear. Apply wax on the floor with a mop which gives it extra shine. Use a commercial floor wax on the top of the floor sealer.  However, the polished concrete floors do not require wax.

Fixing Cracks From Concrete Floor

The minor cracks can be repaired by patching. However, In the case of major crack, you may need to replace it.

Maintenance of Concrete Floor

Designing of Concrete Floor

While designing of concrete floor avoid the larger grooves in it. So that dust may not be stuck on the floor. When designing it, keep in mind that saw-cut patterns create narrow grooves on the surface that can trap dirt.

Increasing life of your Concrete Floor

The life of your floor is totally dependent upon your care. Make sure your floor is slip resistance and water-resistant. All the concrete floors are not of the same type. They require different types of treatments.

There is more ruinous that the concrete floor catches stain and becomes rough because concrete absorbs the liquid. Water could fill in the concrete floor to the deep.

Immediately clean the stains from the concrete. Avoid longer stains. When the coat gets old you need to properly re-coat it. Once the stain becomes old it is very difficult to remove it completely.

Preventing your Concrete Floor from Chemicals

Beware of chemicals. The strong chemicals and acids damage the concrete. Use outdoor floor mats, maps, or rags at the place of heavy traffic or more usage where there are more rags and mats.

Floor Sealers

Floor sealers are mostly recommended on concrete floors to avoid any damage. Sealers increase the life of a concrete floor.

Even the plain concrete that has cleaners polished or has been waxed still needs regular and proper maintenance.


The concrete floor is much stronger and cheap to use. Cleaning of these floors requires special care. sealers, shining, and polish help the concrete floor from stains.

Different types of surfaces require a different type of cleaning process. PH solution, vinegar, and different chemical solution are used in the process of cleaning the concrete floor. Immediately clean the floor as it got the stains.

Wax the floor for shining off the floor. so here is the complete process of how to clean concrete floors.

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