How to Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

One of the best air purifiers is the Dyson air purifier. It has many types and among them, the Dyson tower air purifier is one of the best air purifiers.

It has great features and it produces better results. Dyson filters remove the dust particles and impurities from the surrounding environment and make fresh and healthy air to breathe.

These filters are made from different materials and each material has different usage. For example, HEPA filter is made from a material called synthetic fiber, which is made from petroleum-based plastics.

Cleaning the Dyson air purifier filter is an essential part of keeping your Dyson air purifier in the best condition.

This blog will provide tips on how to clean Dyson air purifier filter so that you can keep your air purifier in tip-top condition.

Steps of Cleaning Air Purifier Filter

You don’t need a bunch of equipment to do small jobs around the house. Basic repairs and maintenance that any homeowner can don’t always require being an expert or master of their craft. All that’s required are things like a vacuum cleaner, cleaning brush and cloth plus soap and water.

  • To start cleaning, disconnect the utility’s cord from the wall. While it is on, switch off this electrical machine. If you remove it, reconnecting is not necessary to complete your maneuver.
  • The basic components of an air purifier are either filters or a dust container. There should be two of these for each Dyson vacuum, one located in the rear of the machine and another attached to where the ball is. To clean, just raise the suction tube (to which it connects) and remove both filters as easily identified by their orange hue. These replacements can come individually or as a set. Some replaceable tubes will only include one filter while others may contain two – you can identify this when removing them. Again, they are usually orange in color if not transparent (and easy to spot if they are) so it’s shouldn’t be too difficult to find them once you’ve decided to do a little maintenance on your device.
  • When you open a filter, you will find a lot of dust and debris blocking it. The majority of the holes in the filter are blocked by this dirt. When you open up the filter, you’ll see a lot of dust and debris obstructing it. While they get rid of some bacteria, these particles also restrict airflow causing the entire room to start feeling stuffy. Clean all filthy filters using the brush so as to stop them from collecting more pollutants that could potentially harm your system over time. Alternatively, one can use a vacuum cleaner such as a shop vac in order to clean their filter (which is easier). If your filter has gotten too filthy simply use it with an air compressor or blower/vacuum.

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  • To help you keep your Dysons in the healthiest shape possible, consider using the two different types of available filters WD09 and WD01. The Dyson equipment user handbook that came with your product should document what type you received – if yours is one that requires cleaning under water, rinse it off by running water over it with a cloth but avoid getting the filter itself actually wet. On the other hand, those who have a non-watertight filter to clean should use soapy water to soak their current filter with a towel. Gently squeeze the damp cloth to clean and finish thoroughly drying afterward.
  • To clean your air filters, first check to make sure they are installed correctly and working. Then select a warm location outdoors where they can be exposed to fresh air. One can either place them in the sunlight or another warm place outdoors (like a patio or garage) for at least 24 hours if it’s not too hot and humid outside. Avoid placing the filters in any enclosed spaces with lots of moisture like a basement, laundry room or bathroom for example even if it does look convenient at the time since there might be too much moisture for proper air flow and circulation – especially when you live or work in an area where it is humid.

FAQs Related to Cleaning Dyson Air Filter

Don’t wash your filter!! It will destroy the mechanism of the vacuum, despite how much it’s tempting. In fact, most replacement filters you can buy in stores come pre-rinsed and ready to go! Swapping out this filter once every 6 months is recommended.

Open the filter on top and pull out the part at the end that looks like a vacuum bag. That is called a pre-filter. Once it has come out of the air purifier turn it over so you can look inside at the opposite side of where there is a cartridge with yellow material like paper or plastic. If it’s dirty and black, then that means that more dirt and dust will be caught in your HEPA filter before being blown into your home each time you use your air purifier again.

Wash your HEPA filter if you can and make sure to dry it afterward. Hot water will also clean the filter but not all models recommend this. Dispose of a non-washable, permanent HEPA filter by removing dust and particles with a vacuum cleaner.


Hygiene and personal cleanliness are essential for living a healthy life. If the air that you breathe is not clean then how do you expect to feel good and be healthy?

You need clean air to breathe, this might seem like a no-brainer but clean air is not always available. Air pollution is a major pollutant that can significantly reduce the quality of air that you breathe.

Changing the air purifier filter regularly will ensure that the air in your home or office is clean. The air purifier is one of the most in-demand products today.

This is because of its effective cleaning of the air. However, if you have the Dyson air purifier, you need to understand that you have to maintain it well.

You will get the best results if you follow the guidelines mentioned in this article. I hope after reading this article you will understand how to clean dyson air purifier filters.

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