How to Clean Honeywell Air Purifier?

The air quality in your home can have a significant impact on your health and the quality of your life. Even the cleanest of homes can have problems when you have pets that shed or smokers in the family.

So that’s why air a Purifier is one of the most effective ways to breathe clean air and get rid of undesirable smells in your house.

No doubt with the use of a Honeywell air purifier, you can ensure that you are cleaning the air in your home and protecting the people who live there.

But if you notice that the air coming out of your air purifier is a lot dirtier than before, it means your Honeywell Air Purifier filter needs to be cleaned.

This blog helps you clean the filter of your Honeywell Air Purifier. So, let us discuss how to clean the Honeywell air purifier.

Steps to Clean Honeywell Air Purifier

Turn off the Purifier and shake it

Firstly, Honeywell’s pre-filter is to turn off the air cleaner and then remove the HEPA filters.

The pre-filter should be removed, brought outside, and then shaken to remove all of the dust that has accumulated with time.

If you think a vacuum may be necessary to help in cleaning out debris after shaking it outdoors, then by all means do so.

Wash the filter

Typically, conventional Air filters contain the most dirt and will need to be cleaned every few months. Following the instructions in your particular air filter’s user manual will help you clean it effectively and efficiently while also protecting your family’s health.

Once you open the case, simply take out one of the two pre-filters. Wipe off any excess garbage that might still be stuck on it into the trashcan outside before leaving it to air-dry in a safe location.

However, if there are dirt bubbles clinging onto it, rinse them gently off with a little warm water and then dry it thoroughly outside before placing it back into its position within the purifier where you can proceed with reassembling the entire device for future use.

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Wipe the filters

If the filters aren’t cleanable, use a dry cloth to wipe away dust. You can absorb moisture using a cloth.

Use a vacuum

In addition to rinsing off with soap and water, try this simple vacuum method that’ll also help extend your filter’s life.

First, detach the purifier unit from its base. As you do this you may notice some of the contact points are grey or brown depending on how dirty your filter is.

Then as you’re vacuuming away these dirtier areas, note how your filter changes color from a dark to a whitish shade.

That’s how you know that when it returns to its original state (so definitely before placing back in the machine) – it means that it’s now cleaner and ready for use again!

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Honeywell’s tower air purifiers have a washable filter that is great for people with allergies. We want to note here and say that even though our filters capture up to 99% of ultra-fine particles from the air that passes through the filter, we still recommend using a HEPA filter to help combat airborne viruses, pet hair, pollen, and other indoor pollutants. Another consideration might be UV lights which can be used in conjunction with regular cleaning to eliminate odor-causing bacteria within your filter system.

The average replacement of Honeywell air purifiers will last anywhere from 3 to 5 years or longer. A vacuum that comes twice a year can help keep your filters free of dust! Of course, the pre-filter is designed to last an average of three months within the unit itself.

You can clean your air purifier with warm water. If it isn’t up to your standards, you can wash it with warm water and soap or a light mixture of detergent if it needs a deeper clean. Wash your HEPA filter with warm water and allow time for it to dry before replacing back into place if your model states this is safe to do so. If the filter is extremely dirty, you may also wish to soak it in hot water to kill off some of the germs and bacteria again if that’s specifically recommended in your user manual.


Keeping your home free from pollen, smoke, dust, and other airborne pollutants is essential for healthy living.

Pollen and other airborne pollutants are the major culprits for allergies, particularly in people who suffer from respiratory disorders such as asthma.

Air purifiers effectively clean the air in your home, reducing the level of pollutants to negligible amounts. Air purifiers help to remove indoor pollutants while improving air quality in our homes.

A properly cleaned air filter can help to protect your health and improve the quality of air in your home. You should be cleaning your air filter every few months, but if you feel like you can’t do it yourself, you can use our guide to clean the air purifier filter.

I hope after reading this article you will understand how to clean the Honeywell air purifier.

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