Ultimate Guide: How to Get Blood out of Carpet?

Have you ever spilled a spot of blood on a carpet? Getting stains & bad smells out of your carpet is a real pain but it’s one of those things that has to be done from time to time.

Getting blood stains out of your carpet is one of the biggest challenges you are likely to face. The bloodstains can be notoriously difficult to remove especially if the blood has already dried.

You might not know it but even a small amount of blood can leave a big stain on your carpet. This is why it is so important to act fast when a cut has been made and bleeding starts to occur.

There are different methods you can use to get the blood stains out of the carpet, but not all are effective. Here we will look at some of the most effective ways of how to get blood out of carpet.

Ways to Remove Blood From Carpet

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Oxidants like (H2O2) have a vast number of industrial, aesthetic, and medical uses, one such use being as a carpet cleaner.

Oxidants are peroxide-like chemicals that contain oxygen and hence their name. Despite radical sounding and appearing, many oxidants are actually among the safest of all chemicals in terms of human health.

Normally water is the reagent of choice for cleaning or treating almost anything, but oxidants may be a better choice when it comes to treating stains because they do not need heat to work (in contrast to steam cleaning), they clean without soap residues (and thus they work well at high temperatures), and they can usually be used safely on some types of delicate materials.

Next wet a white cloth (it doesn’t matter if it’s part of your kitchen roll) with Hydrogen Peroxide and blot, don’t rub. Blot the stain as you did earlier using gentle circles the size of a 10 pence coin. Once successful, flush with cold water and repeat until the carpet is completely clean.

Finally, time to let that which has been lifted disappear into thin air by blotting with a dry cloth, and there we have it. All gone.

Use Dishwasher Detergent

If you have a bloodstain on your carpet, one way to remove it is by using a mixture of cold water and dish soap. Even though your first instinct might be to reach for a bottle of bleach or any other chemical cleaner under the sink.

This isn’t the first thing that comes to mind since carpeting consists of materials that are made up of fibers combined with dyes so when using chemicals on them, they’re often left damaged.

If a small amount of blood has seeped into the fibers itself and gone undetected till now, it can ruin your carpet fibers for good if cleaned improperly so use mild detergent and cold water instead.

Use Ammonia

If the detergent and water stain removal process did not work, repeat it, by adding a teaspoon of ammonia to the mixture. Repeat all steps in the process above beginning with treating the stain as you are trying to do so prior to this last step.

Note: Ammonia has a strong stench and is toxic if combined with chlorine bleach, so make sure you have enough ventilation occurring when working with it since it can be toxic.

Use Salt to Remove Blood

Salt is great to have in your house. It isn’t just for cooking meals either! In fact, salt can be used in some very different ways that might surprise you.

You can actually use it to clean stains off a carpet too! If the stain is still wet and fresh then mix cold water with soda until you make it into a thick paste.

Spread the paste onto the affected area of the carpeting until it’s evenly coated. Then, let it sit for 5-10 minutes before slowly scraping up any remaining paste from where you placed it on your floor.

Use Chemical-made Detergent

To remove really tough blood stains, you may have to rely on a store-bought stain remover like Kids ‘N’ Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover.

This product has an enzyme formula that breaks down the proteins in blood and grass stains and makes them easier to remove. It works for many types of accidents that tend to arise in households with pets or young children.

Grover says that when using an enzyme formula, you should check the label to make sure it’s recommended for carpet because they can discolor lighter fabrics.

Use Cold Water

In order to remove blood stains from your carpet, you should use cold water rather than soap or detergent.

Be sure not to rinse the stain with warm water because it will cause the blood to thicken and lengthen the drying time of your cleaning operation.

To remove stains on a carpet, dab the area gently with a damp cloth, and then absorb as much of the liquid as possible by blotting with a dry white cloth.

Removing Fresh Blood from Carpet

Wet a white cloth with cold water. Never use warm or hot water for this purpose, since it can set the stain into the carpet.

Press down on the stained area with your cloth as opposed to rubbing back and forth. Resist the urge to rub or scrub the affected tissue; this will only push blood stains deeper into your carpet’s pile and possibly embed them into your carpet’s fibers.

You also run the risk of staining other parts of your carpet, especially if you have a high-end, thick rug that is intricately woven or patterned.

Take blotting action to the affected area(s), using clean parts of your white cloth, until no more blood is transferring from your carpet onto the white cloth.

Next, use a new, dry and white cloth in order to absorb any remaining blood on your carpet. Finally, if you’ve addressed the issue promptly or if your carpet has excellent built-in stain protection, this ought to be all that it takes to get rid of the stain.

In cases where there is still more blood present on your carpet fabric after the above steps have been taken, either use a natural cleaner (preferably one designed for removal of blood) or visit a professional cleaning service and/or purchase their fast-acting stain remover product. Repeat as needed.

FAQs Related How to Get Blood out of Carpet?

Clean dishwashing detergent (scent-free) 1 tbsp Cold water 2 cups Mop sponge Clean white cloth Stain/stain area Stain should be cleaned as soon as possible for the most effective treatment.
Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes.

Cleaning blood stains from fabric can be easy when using a combination of water and dry baking soda.
To make the paste, create a thick slurry with the soda. Use enough water to make it into a pasty substance that can easily be spread onto the stain.
Allow it to sit on the stain for up to an hour or two. Then use an old toothbrush and pull the fabric color and even some of the color’s dye out of the fabric!
The discolored fabric shouldn’t return if washed right away afterward, but doing so may not be necessary if one is satisfied with how much coloring has been removed.

Sometimes, soaking clothing that has dried blood on it, and then subjecting that fabric to the washing machine is sufficient to remove the stain.
It’s recommended however to air dry it rather than run a machine cycle on the item.
If even after laundering the clothes in question with detergent and mild wash powder, you continue to find a blood-stained fabric, resorting to heat can set the stain instead of removing it.


When faced with a blood stain on your carpet, it is important to act quickly. Even if you are able to remove the blood from the carpet immediately, it is still a good idea to identify the cause of the injury, in order to prevent it from occurring again. You are worried about your carpet.

You have been trying to clean the blood out of your carpet, but it’s not fading. Now you are worried about what to do. You don’t want to replace the carpet, but you just cannot get the blood to fade.

Don’t worry; you can get it out. In this blog, I had discussed the ways to get rid of blood stains from the carpet. You have to follow these methods and surely you will remove the bloodstains.

I hope after reading this article you will understand how to get blood out of carpet.

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