How to Remove O cedar Mop Head?

Whether you have a steam cleaner or a bucket mop, the mop head will eventually need to be removed and washed.

This can be a confusing task as there are a number of different models out there and it’s not always clear how to take the mop head off.

The O-Cedar recommends using only plain water for washing the pads and spraying both clean surfaces with simple tap water before mopping.

The O Cedar mop head is a good mop head but getting it off the mop is a challenge, particularly if you have a weak wrist.

This article will show you how to remove O cedar mop head using your hands, or using a tool that I have created to quickly remove the mop head.

Removing Mop Head

We’ll show you just how simple removing the mop head from an O’cedar spin mop can be. Undeniably, O’cedar is considered the best brand for making gloves, mops, and other domestic cleaning tools and implements.

There are many options when it comes to mops, but the O’Cedar spin mop is an up-and-coming favorite.

If you’re looking for a simple set of instructions to help you figure out how to remove the O’Cedar spin mop head, we’ve got you covered with the steps below.

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Get basic knowledge

One of the first things you can do is acquire basic information about the construction of the spin mop, especially regarding its functions and how exactly it works.

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It’s important to know beforehand that these mops have adjustable handles that can be bent and stretched out to any height, so depending on your height, you can use them in a way they are most comfortable for you.

When adjusting the height on your O’cedar spin mop, please do not remove the whole shaft from the mop head.

Instead, try to separate the top part (broom head) from the handle of your O’cedar spin mop. If you are still having difficulty removing it, have a look at our user manual which comes with your O’cedar spin mop, as it explains how to use your broom and when replacement time is needed.

Check mop head

The next step is to check the mop head thoroughly. You will see that there is a triangular red plastic frame with many strands coming out of it.

First, make sure that the red box itself won’t be removed from the mop head. You also check for a black piece in the middle part of the red triangle: you want to remove this as well.

If you pull out the black piece and find that you’re left with a white disc instead, then you’ve gone too far and have taken off more than necessary. As long as you remember not to remove the entire red area, though, when removing these items, you’ll be fine.

Remove mop head

The last step is to remove the microfiber pad, which is at the end of the mop whisk. Take a look at the microfiber pad you’ve finished assembling.

You want to remove it from the rectangular end piece securely because it’s so easy to take off! You’ll find that once you get it set in place, your mop is good to go for its next cleaning adventure.

Another way to Remove O cedar Head

To keep a nice and tidy home, one needs the proper cleaning tools. If you have purchased a mop, you must know that it is essential to keep it clean after every time you use it for cleaning.

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The best way to do this is by removing worn-out absorbent material from your old or used mop head on a monthly basis so that new and fresh materials can be added in their place.

The first thing that one will want to do when taking off the existing material from their old or used mop head is by soaking the entire base of the mop in the water while they are disassembling the mop parts so as not to launch the new materials into a puddle of filthy water.

Once they’ve loosened up all the parts, one will want to take off all of the available tissue gently so as not to damage any part of the actual mop.

One will then want to put their newly cleaned absorbent material in place before reattaching all of their mop pieces back together again. That’s pretty much it.

Tips while Considering O cedar Mop Head

When you’re ready to change or take out the head from your cedar spin mop, there are a few things you need to consider.

This ensures that any changes you make happen smoothly and without incident, which is important to keep your cleaning tools up-to-date and effective for the job, especially when dealing with soiled and stained areas like kitchens or restrooms.

To help ensure things stay on track and don’t fall through the cracks, check these considerations off your list.

  • Before you begin, make sure to remove the screws and then pull out the handle. When it comes to putting this unit back together, do it gently with a moderate amount of force and don’t push too hard or you could damage the clamp that holds everything together.
  • To keep your mop clean, wash it regularly. For this, you will need to use a machine because you cannot wash it manually. If you have o-cedar mop head replacement instructions it should be read and followed for best results.

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  • When you first get started, we recommend waiting at least a few weeks before you decide to change your mop’s head. If midnight comes around and you have to wake up early the next day, then balance will be difficult to keep without a sturdy tool like the mop’s head. It’s also important to not forget that along with the new mop head, you’ll need a new cleaning solution which should be compatible with the material of the new mop head.

FAQs Related How to Remove O cedar Mop Head?

Can you put the Cedar mop head in the washer?

Our entire line of O-Cedar® microfiber mop refills is durable and easy to change. These are machine washable.
To clean your refills, simply machine or hand wash them in warm water and lay flat to dry.
We recommend that you put these in the washing machine and use cold water when hand washing!
These machines were designed for hard flooring like tile, so it is not recommended to use these on fields where there is more water running through like on carpets.

How do you remove a spin mop head?

Pulling the head of your steam mop gently means you’re doing a great job. Sometimes, however, the attachment sticks to the mop head itself, especially with push-style cable mopping systems.
When that happens, follow these simple steps to fix it: Remove the attachment carefully by following directions on your specific model’s user manual. 
Wash your steam mop spin head just as you would wash any other piece of clothing in its own separate load!
Most attachments can be tossed in the washer machine for a fresher scent and better cleaning results when compared to hand washing alone. Be sure to pay attention to special care instructions included in your user manual if applicable.

Can you use a cleaner with an O-Cedar spin mop?

O-Cedar recommends using only plain water for washing the pads and spraying both clean surfaces with simple tap water before mopping. Dry pads completely in place after each use and store them flat.


Maintaining your house clean and tidy can be a time-consuming task. Having to sweep and mop are just a few of the things that you need to do in a day.

You can have the best vacuum cleaner and the cheapest steam mops but if you have to change their mop heads every few days then it can be a costly affair.

In this blog, we had removed o cedar mop head. Removing the mop head from the O-Cedar Beam Mop is very easy. The mop head slides off by pulling from the top of the mop head.

The mop head will slide off all the way to the floor, so you will only need to grip about an inch of the mop head to remove it. I hope after reading this article you will understand how to remove o cedar mop head.

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