8 Step: How to Steam Clean Carpet?

Did you spend a hectic summer and getting your carpet rough? Want to clean your carpet now? If you have kids and pets in your home then definitely you will need a steam cleaner to clean your carpet.

In this article, we will let you know how to steam clean carpet in a proper way. People steam the carpet once a year only. Normally it is recommended that you steam clean the carpet twice a year but it all depends upon your usage of the carpet.

Is Steam Cleaning Safe and Reliable for your Carpet?

The carpet industry consists of 51% of the U.S total Industry. Most people are worried about the safety of the steam cleaner. The steam cleaner is a safe method to steam the carpet.

  • If you clean the carpet with water either in winter or in summer the water contains calcium and magnesium particles that are not safe for the carpet. These salt contents decrease the lifetime of the carpet.
  • A steam cleaner kills all the bacteria on the carpet as the bacteria love to live on the carpet. Humidity and dust mites can also be cleaned with the help of steam cleaners.
  • Steam cleaning is considered the most effective way of cleaning. It also cleans toys and clutters of home. In the steam cleaning hot water deep penetrate into the carpet.
  • Dry cleaning carpet is also an effective way of cleaning the carpet. Moreover, the steam cleaner helps in drying the carpet more easily. Water takes too much time to dry the carpet.
  • The steam cleaners do not remove the big particles and hairs. The steamer has very little effect on stains so make sure you clear the stains first. A stain remover may be helpful for this.
  • Some fibers are really harmful to the detergents. So, make sure the carpet you clean is compatible with the steam cleaner.
  • Carpets do not get cleaned easily or sanitize until/ unless you use a steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner.
  • The efficient method to clean the carpet from mold and stains is steam cleaning. It disinfects the carpets and removes all the moist contents of the carpet.
  • Shampooing may be an important technique for cleaning a floor but steaming is considered more effective for carpets.

Step by Step Guide of How to Steam Clean Carpet?

Materials Require

Water, towel, bucket, soap, and machine. Chose a suitable time and weather to clean the carpet. Chose a warm day when people are not around.

Prepare the Carpet for Cleaning

Move the furniture out of the room and do not move the furniture until the carpet dries. Moving your furniture out of the room helps to clean the stains more efficiently.

If you move the furniture out of the room it is a good idea or otherwise uses wax paper. Cover the ceiling fans also because the dust of the ceiling fan may disturb the carpet.

Clearing the Surrounding Area

Clear the carpet and the surrounding area. Pick up the furniture, toys, or any other items available.

Clean the dust particles around the area of the cupboards, grills, appliances, etc.

Vacuum Cleaning the Carpet

Clean it with a vacuum cleaner (See our review on Best Vacuum Under 200). Do not ever use steam cleaner directly to the carpet. Always use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet first before the use of the steam cleaner.

While vacuuming the carpet concentrate on removing the stains from the carpet.

Stain Removing from the Carpet

For removing 6-8 inches of stain, mix 1 teaspoon with the baking soda and table salt. Use an old brush or towel in cleaning the stain.

Brush the carpet and clean it with a towel on the stained area. Hydrogen peroxide, ice, organic cleaning, or wax are also the best tools to clean the stains.

Make sure instead of scrubbing, blot the stain. Scrubbing is to rub the stain while blotting is to gently.

Filling up the Tank of Steam Cleaner

Prepare the steam cleaner by filling up the tank. Also, put a block of soap in the tank. Fill the hot water as possible. Some devices also have separate sections of soap.

Use hot water in the tank. Many clinics recommend 130 centigrade water in the tank.

Adding vinegar or any natural detergents will also be a good idea. Never ever use artificial detergents or chemicals for cleaning unless you are cleaning the stains. Use vinegar and hot water in a ratio of 50.

Steam Cleaning the Carpet with the Steam Cleaner Machine

Before using the steam cleaner machine make sure you read the instructor manual.

  1. Starting with the corner is a good idea. It cleans every part more easily. Use the very far corner to start the cleaning process.
  2. Clean the carpet barefoot to avoid shoe marks.
  3. Clean the room and the surrounding area.
  4. Started by walking from the corner.
  5. Make sure you do not leave any line unclean.
  6. Move the steam cleaner in both directions of 90 degrees and keep the steam cleaner in a straight line.
  7. Keep it slow and steady. Moving the machine fast will not help the water suck. The slower you go the better result. Going at the rate of one step per two seconds is considered at a good rate.

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Dry the Carpet

  1. Allow the carpet to dry.
  2. Start steaming slowly and steadily.
  3. Try to steam the whole room twice if possible.

Do not use the carpet or walk over it until it is dried completely. Although steam does not make your carpet wet completely the outdoor environment can affect it. Try to steam clean the carpet on a sunny day or hot weather to dry it quickly. Place the furniture after a few days of cleaning.


Steam cleaning is the best method to clean the carpet. Cleaning with water may leave some salts on the surface. Steam cleaning kills all the bacteria from the carpet.

Before steam cleaning, your carpet clears the surrounding area and removes the stains. Fill the steam tank with vinegar and hot water. Clean the carpet slowly and give it enough time to dry completely. After applying these methods, the carpet can be clean enough for 6 months.

We hope we have better understood how to steam clean carpet in an appropriate method.

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