How to take apart a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are cleaning equipment also known as household gadgets that are being used to clean your home. While cleaning the home, the vacuum cleaners get dusty.

The dirt and dust went to the machine’s components and harms the vacuum. The machine cannot perform its functionalities properly such as the performance of the suction system going down. So, it is also very important to clean your vacuum cleaners so that they can run for a long period of time.

Most of the Dirt Devil machine’s owners don’t know how to take apart a dirt devil vacuum cleaner. So, in this guide, we will deliver the most important ideas for our users that may help them easily understand the use of the dirt devil.

Dirt Devil machine is a versatile useful tool that cleans the carpet, hardwood floors, ceiling, and all the other places that are hard to reach. Its versatility makes it a wonderful machine for daily use.

It is very easy to maintain. Its easy maintenance helps to work in a faster manner without any mess. Dirt Devil is becoming the need of every house who are using vacuum cleaners. Before starting the guide, it is necessary to know about the dirt devil vacuum cleaners.

Why Take Apart a Dirt Devil Vacuum?

A dirt devil vacuum is important in cleaning the components of a home as well as the vacuum cleaners. Cleaning your vacuum helps to function properly for a long span of time. That is why it is essential to use it to ensure better functionality.

Important Safety Instructions

  1. Do not leave your dirt devil machine when it is plugged in.
  2. Regularly clean the brush roll to ensure smooth working.
  3. Always keep the filters clean and replace them within time.
  4. Read the instruction manual before using this unit.
  5. Avoid actions that are not recommended in the guide.
  6. Do not use any sharp object to clean the hose that may cause any damage.
  7. While cleaning the dirt devil machine, make sure that it is unplugged.
  8. If the plug or cord is damaged, do not use the dirt devil cleaning machine and contact someone professional.
  9. Do not touch the machine with wet hands.
  10. Do not place the machine on any wet surface.
  11. Keep the machine away from burning objects such as cigarettes or matches.

Now you know the basic information about the dirt devil vacuum cleaner. Let us start with How to take apart a dirt devil vacuum cleaner?

Take apart a dirt devil Vacuum Cleaner with Some Easy Steps

This is the complete step-by-step guide that will really help you. When you use this machine for the first time then it might be a tricky one for you. But in reality, the whole process is very easy to learn.

Step 01 – Take a Piece of Cloth or Paper

First, it is better to take a piece of any paper or cloth and place it where you want to disassemble the vacuum cleaner. It is important to remember that the handle’s attachment of the dirt devil cleaner faces upward. This step will help you to work properly and you can easily clean the area afterward.

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Step 02 – Remove the External Battery of Dirt Devil Vacuum

Depending on what upright dirt devil vacuum you have, first, you have to remove the power supply. Most of the models have an external battery which is also known as a power brick.

It is placed on the side of the upright vacuum. And a cable connects the power brick to the charger plug. Pull the power brick out and place it apart. Make sure that the area where you are placing the power brick is dry.

Step 03 – Separate the Handle of the Dirt Devil Vacuum

After removing the battery, the next step that you should do is to detach the vacuum handle. As written in the first step, make sure that the handle’s attachment faces upward.

Now with your hands, rotate the locking collar counterclockwise and rotate it until you are no longer able to turn it. After this pull the handle out and place it on the floor.

Step 04 – Unscrew the Two Sections

Bring the screw portion up and use the screwdriver to remove all the screws. Place the screws at a point from where you can easily find them later. Now separate the two sections carefully by using your hands.

Unscrew the Two Sections

Step 05 – Release the Dirt Devil Vacuum Canister

There is a release button on the machine that releases the canister. Rotate the dirt devil vacuum cleaner upward and press the button. Then the vacuum canister will easily come off.

Now empty the dirt cup into your garbage. Once you empty your dirt cup, rinse it with cold water till you feel that it is fully cleaned.

Dirt Devil Vacuum

Step 06 – Remove the Brush Head

At this step, there are a few screws left on the Dirt Devil frame. Remove all the screws and pluck out the brush head. Now, you have pulled off all the parts of the dirt devil and washed each component completely.

After washing the components, dry them properly, and ensure that they are dried off. At last, Reassemble the detached parts and through the piece of paper or cloth in the garbage.

Step 07 – Remove the Metal Plate

Move the machine and bring the brush head faces up. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the sections on both sides of the roll. After that, keep the screws in the same place where you placed the previous screws.

At this moment, the brush head is separated and you can easily pull out the metal plate from the bristles.


To conclude the content, it is clear that learning the whole process of How to take apart a dirt devil vacuum cleaner is not as much difficult. Everyone can easily understand it.

While reassembling the screws make sure that they are placed in the right place. If screws are not placed in the right area, they may damage your machine.

We hope that the steps that we shared here will help you without any stress. If you have any other related tips, don’t hesitate to contact us and share the tips with us.

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