Useful Guide: How to Use a Shark Steam Mop?

If you are looking for a mop that is easy to use, can last a long time, and will get the job done well then a Shark Steam Mop is something that you might want to take a look at.

A shark steam mop is a great way to clean your floors without the use of toxic chemicals. It utilizes hot water and vaporized cleaning solution in order to deep clean surfaces of your home while leaving behind no chemical residue or odor.

The Shark Steam Mop is a highly efficient cleaning tool that you can use to clean both bare floors and carpets, hardwood floors, tile and stone floors, carpets, pet stains, etc.

On the other hand, using a shark steam mop can save you money and also help you to keep your floors clean on a more regular basis.

One of the challenges of using a steam mop is finding out how to use a steam mop. This blog will explain how to use a Shark Steam Mop and will also go into some important tips to use it.

How to Mop Laminate Floors with a Shark Steam Mop?

A lot of people have been asking whether these tools will work on natural stones such as marble, travertine limestone, slate tiles- essentially anything nonporous.

But unfortunately, there isn’t much information available yet due to how new the trend has become among homeowners looking.

You can use it on the laminate floor because the laminate’s enemy is water. So here is the guide that explains how you use this mop on your laminate floor.


No doubt, laminate has the potential to be vulnerable. This is because it can easily develop unsightly spots if not properly cleaned by following some simple steps.

  • Move your mop over laminate floors just as you would with a regular mop, as long as that floor is completely dry.
  • Cleaning laminate floors can be challenging! Cleaning it in sections may make things easier.
  • When cleaning each section, start at one end where you want clean space and work your way towards the opposite end until no more dirty areas remain.

Use of Shark Steam Mop on Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a beautiful flooring material and it will endure for decades if it’s maintained well.

Despite that, hardwood floors are susceptible to moisture damage. Some manufacturers do not recommend the use of their products over hardwood surfaces.

However, Shark has slightly different views on this matter as we’re about to see below with some basic instructions that will help you effectively steam mop over hardwoods without causing any damage to your flooring or hardware.

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Hardwood floors require care and maintenance to keep them looking good and feeling nice. Here are some steps you can take to make your own floor shine:

  • It’s important to make sure that your hardwood floors are sealed.
  • Use a microfiber pad to wipe the hardwood surface down with a high absorption level in order to dry it off completely.
  • Avoid using toxic chemicals that can potentially damage the wood of your hardwood floors. Use something natural instead, like vinegar or baking soda for example.

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Clean Your Carpets with a Shark Steam Mop

Steaming your carpet with a Shark Steam Mop is an effective way to remove stubborn stains, and it’s even easier when you vacuum (see: How Often Should You Vacuum?) the surface beforehand. To get the most out of that steam mop though, always follow these steps:

  • Vacuum up all dust before steaming so dirt can’t be blown back onto clean surfaces during mopping.
  • Vacuum again after completing cleaning for any debris left behind.
  • If there are tough wine or food-based spills on carpets use some carpet shampoo first – this will help break down those pesky spots faster.

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Shark Steam Mop Maintenance Tips

When it comes to steam mopping, there are a few essentials that you need in order to make the process easier and more effective.

  • Don’t turn on the device when it is empty because this will prevent your steam mop from overheating. To do so, you must also move around and avoid storing with a dirty or damp cleaning pad which can lead to excessive heat buildup in later uses.
  • After every cleanup, wash the cloth of your mopping device immediately before storage as well for sanitary purposes and more effective use during future cleanups.
  • This helps prevent dirt buildup as well as bacteria growth which can lead to unpleasant odors. Finally, store your item hanging without its head attached at all times to keep it dry out after each use.

Shark Pro Steam Pocket Mop Manual

Shark also has an official Shark Pro steam mop manual, full of all the safety instructions and directions. It will amazingly help you when it comes to using this particular model of shark steam mop.

Cleaning Performance of Mop Pads

The steam mop is a convenient and effective way to clean. You can plug in the cord with its full water reservoir, wait about 60 seconds for it to begin streaming, then let hot moist vapor do all of the work as you go along your cleaning route.

Dirt will be removed from every surface without being toxic or harmful like many other chemicals that are used. The wetness makes sweeping easier.

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Attach your Dirt Grip pad to the Genius Mop Head; plug it into a wall outlet with the power cord included in your shipment. The blue light will illuminate, indicating that you’re good to steam. It takes approximately thirty seconds for the mop to heat up and is ready for use.

The steam mop is designed to work on all sealed flooring types, such as linoleum, hardwood, glass, etc.

Whether you live in an area with a hot or cold climate you should always use cold water. In areas where the water is hard, we recommend using distilled water for best results.

Assembling your steam mop can be a bit of a tricky process, so make sure you read the instructions carefully. In this case, we’re talking about water being in the tank.

The instructions may not indicate how much to expect but in most cases, you’ll find about 16 oz or 500ml of water inside.

Besides cleaning, vinegar is also very good at removing germs from your home.

It also works great for maintaining the health of a lot of everyday items that you probably didn’t realize could be gently cleaned with vinegar as well. You can add a vinegar solution to your steam mop in order to clean upholstery and carpets.


A shark steam mop can be a great asset to your home cleaning routine. They are easy and quick to use, as well as super effective at getting deep down dirt and grime off of surfaces that brushing just won’t do good.

The Shark steam mop has the unique ability to kill 99% of bacteria in your home while you clean with its powerful cleaning action. After using this, you’ll never have to use any chemical cleaners again!

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing this innovative appliance for their homes. Don’t neglect such an important investment.

Make sure you’re using shark steam mops correctly by following the above-mentioned steps. You can use them for different kinds of floors. We hope you will understand how to use a shark steam mop.

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