Useful Guide: How to Use a Steam Cleaner?

Steam cleaners have become so popular in this era, now people are asking questions about how to use a steam cleaner?

Steam cleaners bring new life to your furniture, rugs, and carpets that remove stubborn stains and the set-in dirt. If you are washing your household’s products, like carpets, they produce a smell after washing.

Steam cleaning is a very effective and natural way to remove stains and household germs. It kills 99.9% of germs from your household’s products.

A steam cleaner cleans almost all the surfaces of your house.

There are two types of steam cleaners that you can use for steam cleaning.

  • Cool steam cleaning machine 

This machine contains more water and makes steam without boiling the water.

  • Dry steam cleaning machine

This machine contains less water. It is hot and makes steam from boiling water.

Most people don’t know how to use a steam cleaner and how it works. People choose other alternatives to send it to cleaning companies and professionals.

If you want to do deep cleaning of your household products, you must go with steam cleaning.

You may have some questions about using a steam cleaner: this guide will provide the details and instructions on How to use it and how it works?   

Step by Step Guide: Using a Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is a domestic appliance used for cleaning carpets, cushions, rags, etc. That helps to remove greasy, stubborn stains and dirt. Steam kills bedbugs, fleas, and germs that leave your surface clean and sanitize for kids and pets.

We take a closer look at the steam cleaning system. I am going to show you how simple is that by step by step process, and you can do it with yourself but, you must follow these steps that I discussed below:

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Protect Yourself

Safety is first when you are using a steam cleaner.

  1. Wear gloves or protective cloth because when the temperature goes high, you do not get burned.
  2. Wear goggles for eye protection.

Test on a Small Area

Most household surfaces can benefit from steam cleaning. You should always pay attention to the material you are cleaning, so test on a smaller area first to know how it will react from direct water and heat.

Steps to Follow When You are Using a Steam Cleaner

These are some steps that you should follow while steam cleaning helps you to understand How to use a steam cleaner at home.

  1. Cleaning the room.
  2. Fill the steam cleaner tank.

Cleaning Process

Move Furniture From Your Room

Nothing left in your room, remove all the furniture including chairs, sofa, and bed. it will help you to get better results from steam cleaning

If your furniture is too heavy to move, use foils under the legs of furniture to protect your furniture from moisture. But remember one thing for getting better results: remove everything from your room.

Dust Your Room

Before starting the steam cleaning process, dust all the surfaces or baseboards of your room with a clean cloth.

Dust as much as you can and, don’t forget to dust your ceiling fans to prevent extra dust from falling after you clean the room with a steam cleaner.

Vacuum All Over The Room

Vacuum all the room to remove extra particles like paper, hair, and soil. To clean the corners of your room, you can use the vacuum nozzle, which helps you clean the corners.

Vacuum carpeting in two directions vertically or horizontally ensures that your carpet fibers are clean from dust.

Filling Process

Fill The Tank

First, look at the best amount line to fill the tank: do not overfill the tank. Put hot water into the tank as much as required and directed.

Steam Cleaner Solution

Check the directed amount of solution and put it into the water. Some machines use solutions, and some use detergents and soaps, so when you are using soaps and detergents, put the directed amount of soap into the water.

Put too much solution into the water will cause it to stay in your carpets and rugs. That is not beneficial in the cleaning process, so use the amount directed.

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Step by Step Guide: How to Use a Steam Cleaner on Carpet?

Steam-cleaner uses on a carpet by using appropriately to get better results. Steam cleaning your carpeting once a year if you have pets, then you may need to cleaning every four months.

Here is a step-by-step guide on How to use a steam cleaner on the carpet. The process is easy and, you don’t need any professionals services:

  1. Know about your carpet
  2. Vacuum the carpet
  3. Start from the corners of a room.
  4. Use the push or pull method
  5. move the machine slowly
  6. dry your carpet completely

Know about Your Carpet

First, you may need to know your carpet because some carpets shrink with hot water. Before starting the Steam cleaning process, you should pay attention to it.

Vacuum the Carpet

  1. Vacuum all over the carpet before steam cleaning to remove hairs and dust particles.
  2. Vacuum the carpet in two directions firstly, do it vertically and then horizontally slowly enough to pick up the dust particles as much as you can.

Start from the Corners of a Room

  1. Start from the corner of the room.
  2. Start slowly and move forward—don’t walk on that area that you clean. 
  3. If you have an open area, then you have many options where to start.
  4. If your streamer pulls backward, then close the head of a steamer near the corner as close as you can.
  5. If your steamer pushes forward, then walks along with the machine, slowly, slowly.

Use the Push and Pull Method

Firstly, check the method before starting the machine. Read the direction before using the steamer. Because some machines work on the pushing method, and some machines work on the pull method, so before starting, you should pay attention to it.

Move the Machine Slowly

  1. For getting better results, move the machine slowly on the carpet.
  2. The steamer works slowly rather than vacuum because the streamer functions are more than vacuum. 
  3. The streamer puts hot water on the carpet then extracts the dirt along the water by sucking process.
  4. Moderate the speed of a streamer gives you better results.
  5. Going too fast means leaving moisture in the carpet.

Dry your Carpet Completely

  1. Some carpets take 4 to 6 hours and, some take 12 to 24 hours to dry.
  2. So ensure that you are not walk on it till drying.
  3. You can switch on the ceiling fan and standing fan to accelerate the drying process.
  4. You can also open all the windows for air circulation.

Is Steam Cleaning is Effective?

Steam cleaning is best for families and individuals who have allergies and sensitivities to scents. Steam cleaning is the best way because it kills germs and bacterias.

Steam cleaning is an effective and efficient way to remove dirt, contain no smell, and give new life to your carpets, rugs, and mattresses. 

After using all the options and you didn’t get results, then use the last best option of steam cleaning that deep cleans your carpets and rugs. Steam is an effective all-natural agent that you can use throughout your home. 

Steam cleaning used for things that I mentioned below:

  1. Kitchen gadgets
  2. Lawn equipment
  3. Ceramics 
  4. Windows
  5. Metals
  6. Mirrors
  7. Tiles

Steam cleaner is best for kitchen gadgets, toys, flooring, and metals. It disinfects them naturally. It is also best for mirrors and windows, assures that mirrors and windows are clean and dry.

Steam Cleaner Uses

There are several uses of a steam cleaner.

  1. Clean the disinfect countertops
  2. Clean a stovetop 
  3. Shine floor tiles
  4. Steam-cleaner use for sanitizing bed mattresses and carpets 
  5. Cleaning ceiling fan
  6. Cleaning pet cages made from metal wire
  7. Cleaning garden tools
  8. Sanitizing kids toys
  9. Sterilizing and cleaning glass shower doors

Kinds of Steam Cleaners

If you have never owned any steam cleaner, here is the list of steam cleaners you can buy yourself according to your need, you can buy from amazon.

  1. Handheld steam cleaner
  2. Steam mops
  3. Steam vacuum cleaner 
  4. Cylinder steam cleaner
  5. Vapor steam cleaner 
  6. Garment steam cleaner
  7. Commercial steam cleaner
  8. Multi-purpose steam cleaner

What you can not Clean with a Steam Cleaner?

Avoid Items When Do Steam Cleaning

Some things are never cleaned with steam and are harmful to you when you are doing a steam cleaning 

  1. Water-based things like wall paint
  2. Paper and cardboard 
  3. Silk fabric 
  4. Rubbers
  5. Unfinished wood

So, avoid these things when you are cleaning.


Some people think it is hard to process but, it’s easy. You are not destroying your carpet with this cleaning this process; Leaves your carpets clean and disinfected with steam. it shows effectiveness when you know How to use a steam cleaner properly.

It gives new life to fabrics and has lots of benefits. Here are a few,

  1. eco-friendly and chemical-free process
  2. short drying times
  3. sanitize your carpets, rugs, and mattresses

A steam cleaner is an effective tool for cleaning your carpets to getting better results like a professional at home. It is an essential tool while cleaning your carpets only steam cleaners are suitable for cleaning. I recommend you choose a steam cleaner machine for cleaning your carpets.

Before the pandemic, we are too busy and have no time for steam cleaning. Nowadays, we spend lots of time at home and, the messes probably have become more annoying. You can buy a steam cleaner from amazon and make your home germs and bacteria-free.

For more information about steam cleaners visit our website.

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