Useful Guide: How to Vacuum Stairs?

Vacuuming stairs is one of the most dreadful and challenging task to do at home. Also, it can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken at right time.

Basically, the vacuum cleaners preferred for this task should have the maximum ability to captivate a high level of dirt and debris from the floor. But how to vacuum stairs effectively without causing damage? 

Well, stairs are commonly the highly trafficked area of the home, being used by the members in a normal routine, therefore, it is needed to vacuum the stairs regularly and smoothly.

The best and satisfactory option to vacuum the stairs is the use of vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed for this job. But choosing a vacuum cleaner is also another task to do.

In this article, we are going to describe the efficient ways of how to vacuum stairs without wasting time and energy and get the best results, too.

General Method to Vacuum the Stairs Safely

Vacuuming the stairs completely and safely is one of the main aims, every person might have in their mind while vacuuming the stairs. So, here the general method of vacuuming the stairs is described step by step for your ease:

Pick up the Large Mess

First of all, pick up all the large mess from the stairs by hand. So that the vacuum does not get scrambled with the larger chaos and lose its efficiency.

Setting of Vacuum Cleaner

Secondly, set up the vacuum cleaner according to your requirements. The best-recommended selection is to choose the handheld vacuum cleaner and compliment it with the addition of multiple accessories which will enhance its working and results.

Beginning with Edges and Corners

Thirdly, begin your vacuuming process from the edges and corners of the stairs because the highest amount of dirt and debris accumulated in these regions. If needed, use the additional accessories to effectively vacuum the edges and corners without leaving any junk behind.

Alter the Attachments

After cleaning the corners and edges, alter the attachments by the thinner ones and vacuum the remaining portions of the stairs smoothly and gently.

Always be careful and attentive, while cleaning the stairs because the stairs are the highly trafficked area of the home and have more dirt and debris than the other areas of the home. Also, be careful in picking up the vacuum cleaner because if it fall off, an accident may occur.

How to Vacuum Stairs Efficiently?

First of all, we will discuss about the most common and general method to vacuum the stairs conveniently:

  • The highly recommended method is the use of a vacuum cleaner to clean the stairs which are light weighted, easy to carry, and handle long corded.
  • In some vacuum cleaners, some accessories are provided with the cleaners to properly clean the stairs, for example, a stair vacuuming brush that is quite smaller in size and joined to the crevice tool.
  • But, remember always to pick up the larger debris or junk material from the stairs before vacuuming the stairs because these larger particles may be tangled in the vacuum cleaners and negatively affect their performance.
  • In the case of a canister vacuum, always start the vacuuming process from the lowest stair and then move towards an upward direction. Because if you would start from the upper stair, there will always some chances of falling off of the vacuum down the stairs. It may cause damage to the vacuum or may hurt yourself, too.
  • In the case of an upright vacuum cleaner, you are suggested to start over the upper stair and move down the stairs while cleaning the stairs. The reason is that it is difficult to carry the machine up then carrying it down.
  • The best part of any vacuum cleaner for vacuuming the stairs is the crevice tool that is attached to the hose nozzle or handles. As the corners and edges of the stairs get the maximum embedded dirt and debris, the crevice tool pulls off the dirt and debris from the corners and edges with high suction capacity and cleans the edges and corners of the stairs completely. But some vacuums do not contain the crevice tool. So, in such cases, you are advised to use the hose extension for cleaning the edges and corners of the stairs.
  • Vacuum the vertical sides of the stairs attentively by moving the beater bar in an up and down movement. While vacuuming the stairs by moving the beater bar in back and forth motion. This tends to clean the stairs in a more effective way than the commercial method.
  • Instead of using the beater bar, the other better option is the use of a motorized pet hairbrush. The reason behind using this motorized pet hair brush is that the bristles of this brush are smaller and congested enough to capture the even micro dirt particles from the stairs completely.
  • Another option to vacuum the stairs perfectly without carrying the heavy-weight vacuum cleaner without wasting energy and time is the use of handheld vacuum cleaners. As the handheld vacuum cleaners are light weighted, you can carry them so easily and conveniently clean each and every part of the stairs with ease.

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Vacuuming the Carpeted Stairs

The carpets add more beauty, texture, and taste to the actual appearance of the stairs. But at the same time, it is difficult to keep them neat and clean all the time. For this purpose, you must clean the carpeted stairs daily.

Still, there are some advices you should keep in mind while vacuuming the stairs which are described below:

Pick up Lying Matter

Before using the vacuum cleaner on the carpeted stairs, it is suggested to pick up all the material lying on the stairs including scrap papers, wrappers, boxes or other hard or larger material which may cause the clogging of the vacuum cleaner. As a result, your vacuum cleaner will not be able to give you better results in the vacuuming process of the carpeted stairs.

Adding the Attachments

Hose is attached with the vacuum cleaner in order to give the best results in the vacuuming process as it has the ability to deep clean the carpeted stairs, even it has the tendency to pile off the accumulated dirt and dust particles from the carpeted stairs.

But if you want maximum proficiency of the vacuuming phenomenon, you can add the brush roll of different varieties which sucks up the carpeted stairs deep down the floor and give the hundred percent efficient results afterwards.

Vacuuming the Stairs Corner

As the corners of the carpeted stairs are more prone to dirt and debris, therefore, it is necessary to vacuum them more carefully and attentively.

For this purpose, nozzle attachments are provided with the vacuum cleaner so that you will be able to clean the corners without any struggle or hard work.

You just need to attach this attachment with your vacuum cleaner and as a result, it will give you the clean and clear corners of the carpeted stairs.

Dual Action

This dual-action tends to clean the carpets horizontally and then vertically. But you have to be careful and a little bit slow while doing this dual action as it helps to captivate each and every micro dirt particle in but if you do this process fast, there will be chances of some dirt particles left behind. For this purpose, you can attach a wider nozzle and beater beat to the vacuum cleaner and get proficient results.

Vacuuming the Hard Wood Floor Stairs

On the other hand, the people who have hard wood floor and facing troubles and difficulties in cleaning them effectively. Here we are giving you some tips on vacuuming your wood floor stairs easily and efficiently.

Selecting a Vacuum Cleaner

Well, most of the people who have hard wood floor, they might think of vacuuming it with the help of mop or by sweeper. They do not prefer to use the vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

But according to my point of view, if you want the 100 percent effective and clean results of cleanliness on your stairs without putting too much struggle or hard work into it, a vacuum cleaner will always be the best choice and preference over the other conventional methods like mopping and sweeping.

Because mopping and sweeping is good for the floor but not for stairs as it just draw off all the dirt over the stairs and that dirt may fall off or spread over the whole surface and get embedded in the corners or edges which is then difficult to remove.

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Vacuum Corners well

The next step is the complete and proper vacuuming of the corners in a much concise manner. For this purpose, canister vacuum cleaners are suggested to be used for cleaning the corners or edges of the hard wood floor in a proficient manner.

Normally, this dirt accumulated on the edges or corners of the hard wood stairs because these are more prone to the dirt and debris.

Pick up Objects Lying

Before using the vacuum cleaner on the hard wood stairs, it is recommended to catch up all the substantial lying on the stairs comprising of scrap papers, wrappers, gadgets or other hard or bigger matter which may cause the congestion of the vacuum cleaner.

As a result, your vacuum cleaner will not be capable to offer you enhanced outcomes in the vacuuming development of the hard wood stairs.

Using Rotator Brushes

Using the rotator brushes gives more efficient result to the vacuuming process of the hard wood stairs because these rolling brushes reach each and every side of the stair and clean them completely.

Vacuuming Stairs with Upright Vacuum

With the help of upright vacuum cleaner, you do not need to move the vacuum machine to the last stair. Instead, you just placed it at the first stair and use the hose down the stairs. That is the reason upright vacuums are dominating the market now a days.

Start from the Top

You must advised to start from the top and move downwards rather than starting from the bottom of the stairs. It will always move in a flow if you work properly with the help of this vacuum cleaner.

Select your Vacuum Tools

No matter, which vacuum cleaner you are using. You always need different attachments for proficiently cleaning the vacuum cleaner by attaching different tools that are classified for specific tasks to do.

Pick up the Larger Mess

You need to pick up the larger mess and dirt particles with the help of vacuum cleaner. Not only that, some other objects spread over the stairs by children or other family members, you need to get them pick properly.

Pro Tips for Vacuuming the Stairs

While vacuuming the stairs, it is needed to vacuum them properly and for this purpose, some tips must be kept in mind which are also mentioned here

  1. Always select the best vacuum cleaner for the vacuuming process as it gives highly classified results afterward. A cordless, light-weighted, and long hose is needed to vacuum the stairs.
  2. You must need the crevice tool to clean the edges or corners of the stairs as it will give better results and more cleaning outcomes.
  3. It is recommended to move quickly as we have to clean the stairs smoothly but quickly in a more proficient manner without causing any damage or negative effect to the stairs or ourselves.
  4. Always start from the top and move towards the bottom.
  5. Start with an empty bag to be filled or a canister vacuum cleaner for better conclusions.


Vacuuming the stairs is an important task to do on regular basis and because of the most trafficked area of the home, it has to be cleaned properly so that it will be able to enhance the beauty of the home.

Well, many people use mopping or sweeping for this purpose but vacuuming is the best-recommended option for this task. Having an upright, light-weighted, and log hose and crevice tool containing is the best choice for this purpose according to my reviews.

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