24 Best Steam Cleaner Uses: You Should Need to Know

Do you also want to know about steam cleaner uses? Nowadays steam cleaner use in various places in the house. Let’s read the complete details about steam cleaner and its uses.

Steam has miraculous power to remove stubborn stains and it can profoundly eliminate bad order. Steam cleaning is now considered a preferred cleaning strategy to avoid chemical sensitivities, allergies, and asthma.

It kills disease-causing agents such as bacteria, fungi (mold and mildews), and irritates vermins (bugs and dust mites). Steam cleaners are environment-friendly because water and heat are the only ingredients to work with.

As compared to traditional methods of cleaning, steam cleaning is the easier, simpler, genius, healthier, and cost-effective alternative of cleaning. 

There are several types of steam cleaners including carpet cleaners, steam mops, and handheld steam cleaners.

Besides floor and carpet cleaning, steam cleaners can be used generously in multiple ways to assist you over with your house chores smartly.

Here we will comprehend the genius uses of steam cleaners to reduce both __your time and energy.

Depending upon the nature of use, steam cleaners has got variety of  attachments from various sized nozzles, to a squeegee and multiple brushes. 

They are very user-friendly but the advanced handheld steam provides extra comfort when it comes to deep cleaning of your kitchen and bathrooms.

Steam Cleaner Uses in a Stove Top

Cleaning a kitchen stove is a tedious job and while doing it you may get a cut on your hand. You can easily do this task by using a steam cleaner.

  • The first step is to remove metal grates and clean the spilled food with a rag or damp sponge.
  • Then apply the steam cleaner with a nozzle attachment to get off any gunk left behind.
  • Then gently wipe off any moisture with a paper towel or clean cloth.

Steam Cleaner Uses in Disinfecting Floor

Steam cleaners are the best option to remove tough stains on vinyl flooring. The steam makes the floor shine brightly.

Using a steam cleaner is an efficient way to clean the bathroom floors especially to clean those behind the toilet hard-to-reach corners. Just use the brush attachment to make your bathroom tiles or vinyl floor look crystal bright.

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Steam Cleaner Uses in Cleaning Dishwashers

The nozzle attachment of steam cleaners can be used to clean all the stuck-on junk and curd in the hinges and corners of your dishwasher.

Steam cleaners are an excellent choice for a clean and stink-free dishwasher. For this purpose heat up some tap water in your steam cleaner and blast away all the gunk and curd. Apply this method periodically to keep your dishwasher running smoothly.

Clean your Oven with Steam Cleaner

A very effective method to clean your oven is by using a steam cleaner with a stiff brush attachment. This is the best way to remove all the caked-on junk from inside your oven avoiding harsh chemicals.

The chemical residues left inside the oven may cause health issues by mixing in the food that you put inside the oven. Also, most oven cleaners contain lye, which should be handled with care because it can cause toxic fumes.

Disinfect Counter Tops with Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners can efficiently clean and disinfect your countertops. First, wipe out the junk spreading over countertops by using a small piece of paper towel.

Then use brush attachment and move the cleaner brush over the top. Also use a detail nozzle to get the dirt out of grout lines, seams, and hard-to-reach corners.

Then grab a dry clean piece of cloth to dry off the counter top surface. Never use steam cleaners on your granite counter tops.

Steam Cleaner Uses Remove junk from Ice and Water Dispenser

The stinky smell coming out of your refrigerator might be due to the stuck curd and water in the ice and water dispenser of your refrigerator.

Just use a steam cleaner with a slim attachment and clean all the tiny nooks and crannies with it. After treating your refrigerator’s ice and water dispenser, use a paper towel to wipe out excess water.

Steam cleaners will also kill all the bacteria that were the actual cause of the stinky smell.

Clean Sink Faucets with Steam Cleaner

Using steam cleaners is the best strategy to avoid clogged sinks and faucets. Steaming the sinks and faucets and scrubbing them down with the brush attachment of the steam cleaner to keep your sinks and faucets clear and open.

Steam Cleaner Uses in Cleaning the Curtains

Curtains give a nice and aesthetic touch to any home. Nobody likes dirty curtains but washing high-hanging curtains is a tedious job. You need to take them down first.

By using the upholstery attachment of the steam cleaner you can easily remove the dust, dirt, and stains out of the curtains while leaving the hangings on their space.

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Steam Cleaner can be Used in Disinfecting Pet Cages

Disinfecting pet cages with chemicals may cause irritation on the skin and eyes of your pet. Most people disinfect pet cages outside with hoses. Therefore it seems like a tedious job.

With steam cleaners, you can quickly sanitize your pet’s cage. Don’t forget to use the small attachment to sanitize the wires and a brush attachment to clean the base area.

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Refresh Outdoor Furniture with Steam Cleaner

Summertime is the suitable time to get your outdoor furniture out of the shed. You might notice the dust, smell, bird’s poop, and pest’s feces on the chairs and upholstery which you should try to clean as soon as possible to avoid any associated risk.

The easiest way to clean and sanitize your outdoor furniture is by using upholstery steam cleaners.

Make sure to use the jet nozzle to blast all the dust and dirt away from the furniture, use a small brush attachment for deep cleaning, and upholstery attachment to clean fabrics and cushions.

Sanitizing Baseboards with Steam Cleaner

Baseboards are the minor things to consider when you are cleaning the floor in hurry. After steam cleaning the floor, just change the steam cleaner attachment nozzle to a small nylon brush and glide it over baseboards.

The steam will clean all stains, dirt, and grime leaving your baseboards to shine like a new one. The overall after cleaning look of the floor will leave you in a pleasant surprise.

Steam Cleaners Uses in Hard Water build-up

Hard water has mineral contents due to which it leaves white stains on water fixtures and faucets. Use jet or small nozzle attachment with steam cleaners to blast hot steam at the facts or around it.

If the stain persists after the steam treatment then use a small amount of vinegar and gently rub it onto the stains to remove them completely out of the surface.

The presence of acid in the vinegar neutralizes the alkalinity of hard water. It further dissolves the stains that help to remove mineral build-up easily.

Eliminating Wrinkles from Clothes with Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are getting fame as a cloth wrinkle eliminator. Modern steam cleaners have got cloth attachment. If your steam cleaner doesn’t have one, you can use the upholstery attachment for this purpose.

Unlike the old hot irons, steam cleaners can quickly eliminate the wrinkles from the clothes even without removing them from hangers. Steam cleaners have the additional benefit that they can kill bacteria present in the clothes too.

Clean Door and Glass Windows

Sanitizing doors and windows are as important as cleaning the home floor. Just grab a steam cleaner and use a squeegee attachment to clean glass doors, windows, and shower walls.

Heat up the tap water in the steam cleaner and start your work. Don’t forget to dry the moisture present over the surfaces after steam treatment.

Steam Cleaner Help in Removing Wallpaper

If you want to renovate your wallpaper then the steam cleaner will help you to remove the previous one. Just place the plate attachment of steam cleaner against the wall for 30 seconds.

After removing it you can easily scrape away all those little paper fragments and any adhesive residues left behind.

Steam Cleaner Uses in Toilet Seat

Grab a steam cleaner with a jet attachment to clean the base of the toilet. Then lift the toilet seat and clean in all the nooks and crannies.

It will help to kill germs present on the toilet seat which may not be possible by using detergents.

Clean Sliding Door Tracks with Steam Cleaner

Sliding doors can be stuck due to the build-up of dirt and grime into the tracks of sliding doors. The nozzle attachment of steam cleaner can be used to clear the build-up in the tracks of sliding doors.

If you do not clean the grime, you may find difficulties in sliding doors. Dry off the excess water with the help of a paper towel or dry piece of cloth

Cleaning Grout with Steam Cleaner

Grout is spacings between the tiles that aim to stabilize them. When you clean your tiles by using detergent/dishwashing soap, you will skip the grout because they are lower and wouldn’t be efficiently cleaned by using the traditional cleaning method.

Steam cleaners come with many attachments specifically made for cleaning small spaces such as grout. 

By using steam cleaners with a small nozzle attachment you can easily do this tedious job of grout cleaning in no time.

It will gently blast away the grout dirt, stains, and junk. Drying with a dry piece of cloth should be a must-stop.

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Wiping Ceiling Fans with Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners come with a long wand. Therefore it’s the best choice to clean your ceiling fans with a steam cleaner especially if you have height phobia. You can also use a diamond brush as an attachment to it.

Put a clean cloth over the attached brush and gently glide it across the fan blades. Steam cleaners eliminate the need for a ladder. It made the tedious job of cleaning ceiling fans super easy.

Sanitizing Light Switches and Doorknobs with Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners work at high temperatures approximately 170-200 Fahrenheit. Due to this, they can be considered as a suitable option to sanitize neglected surfaces such as light switches and doorknobs.

Just grab a small piece of dry cloth and attach it to the small attachment nozzle of the steam cleaner. Make sure to adjust the cleaner at low moisture while Cleaning light switches to avoid any electrical issues.

Cleaning Grills with Steam Cleaners

Grilling out on the rooftop during friends and family gathering is idyllic. Removing burnt cheese, meat, and grime off from the rails is a tedious job and it requires a lot of scrubbing with chemicals.

But if you have got steam cleaners, this laborious task can be done in less time. Just use a small brush attachment and clean every wire of the grill. If the stains are dried and tough then pre-treatment with the BBQ cleaning solution is suggested.

Clean Baby Accessories & Toys

If you have a toddler or baby then you should always consider steam cleaner as a tool to clean the floor, baby car, and stroller seats.

You definitely may not want harsh chemical residues onto the area where your baby spends a lot of his time playing.

Using a steam cleaner to sanitize your children’s toys kills 99% percent of bacteria present in them because it’s a no-go option to clean the baby toys with chemicals.

Deep Cleaning Car with Steam Cleaners

Using a steam cleaner to deep clean the interior and exterior of your car is a highly effective way to get rid of dirt and grime present in your car.

Start by cleaning the dirt by vacuuming the dirt and debris then use a steamer with different attachment nozzles required according to dirty areas of the car.

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Deep Cleaning of Carpets and Rugs With Steam Cleaner

When you think to do a deep or quick cleaning to your carpet or rug, just attach the carpet glider to the steamer.

The glider protects the carpet fibers from the steam by keeping the steam head at a safe distance from the carpet.

Some steamer has included carpet glider with it while others have to pay as an extra purchase for it.

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Steam cleaners can be used efficiently in multiple ways to clean carpets, rugs, furniture, curtains, furniture, and whatnot. Multifunctional steam cleaners can do multiple jobs.

They use a high-pressure steam system that avoids chemicals, fumes, or residues. They help to lessen water pollution by avoiding detergents that washed down the drainage system and can recycle back into your drinking water supply. 

Steam cleaners are as user-friendly as vacuum cleaners. You just need to understand the basics. It gives chemical-free long-lasting easier cleaning.

You should follow the user guide to avoid any unpleasant event and try to buy the product from the licensed company.

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